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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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March 28, 2011

Federal Labor will be haunted by the justified wipe out of the corrupt and inept NSW Labor Government at the recent state election. That political haunting is not because of the smell from the putrid carcass of NSW Labor, but because the political machine of the NSW Right has decamped to Canberra where it has been busy playing its toxic style of politics.


The macho style of politics of the Sussex Street power brokers is one of being a machine for the effective exercise of political authority, rather than as a political expression express their members' various hopes and dreams for a better life.

The values of social justice, solidarity and reform (those of social democracy) were trashed by NSW Labor governing on behalf of the property developers, publicans, gambling operators and insurance companies. A conservative middle class then turned their backs on NSW Labor, as did a large section of the working class.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:19 AM | | Comments (4)


I can see little about NSW Labor at present that offers me any cause for optimism about its regenerative capacities.It's going to be business as usual from the Labor Right. This is a patronage machine interested above all in perpetuating its own power and its members have a disdain for the working-class people they were supposed to represent.

They need a few more burials to help sort themselves out.

As Quentin Dempster points out:

In six to 12 months' time the public will continue to grumble about service delivery. The roads will continue to be gridlocked from 5.30 am on week days.Rents will remain extortionate ... houses unaffordable.So it seems that in terms of the management of NSW, nothing much will change.Just the government.

There may be more competence and honesty but service delivery is going to be rough, especially around public transport, given that O'Farrell will do nothing to threaten the state's AAA credit rating.

Hugh McKay makes a good point in the National Times. He says if you treat the voters with contempt, they will treat you with contempt. He gives two examples of the NSW Government treating the voters with contempt:

The first was the premature proroguing of Parliament to avoid proper scrutiny of the government's apparently dodgy sale of electricity assets. The second was the stealthy over-riding of environmental regulations affecting development of the Barangaroo site at Darling Harbour - an action taken on the eve of the government moving into "untouchable" caretaker mode.

He adds that voters are not mugs.They know when they are being treated with contempt.

It must be difficult for some of you diehard Labor supporters to see it all going badly.
I really feel terrible for you's. Can I do anything? Can I call someone?
In these dark days try to remember the most important thing eh. Everything that goes wrong is always either John Howard's or Rupert Murdoch's fault.
Now off to bed kiddies.