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sleeping rough in Adelaide « Previous | |Next »
March 11, 2011

Since their flight from tribal violence in the Northern Territory's Yuendumu in September last year, a section of the Warlpiri people have been camping off and on in Adelaide's South Parklands--- in September 2010 and March 2011.

Judy Watson Napangardi Mina Mina .jpg Judy Watson Napangardi, Mina Mina (country)

They--around 50 transients--have been given their eviction notice by the Adelaide City Council that is backed by the Rann State government on the grounds of both public health and drunken violence.

It is a pity that Yuendumu was still a potential war zone given the art work that is produced there. The trouble traditional aboriginal people have in coming to Adelaide is that there is little to no short term transitional accommodation available for them. So they become homeless. So they live in the parklands.

A fundamental issue is the need for the State Government to provide housing on a short-term basis. There are transitional centres in Ceduna, Port Augusta, one proposed for Coober Pedy but none in Adelaide, despite Commonwealth funding. Consequently, people visiting Adelaide from remote communities either sleep rough in parklands or stay with relatives in what are already overcrowded houses.

I understand that transitional housing was to be built in Adelaide and Cooper Pedy by 2007 with $9 million in federal funding, but there is still nothing. The Rann Government's response is that the beaches of Ceduna or Streaky Bay would be a better place for those illegally camping in the parklands.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:42 AM | | Comments (2)


A government with a nineteenth century outlook, for the problems of the twenty first century.
What a marvel.
The arrogance has me in mind of Fed labor with its just announced go ahead for Gunns pulp mill, with NO further scientific inquiry.
Doesn't matter what party is in, they most follow the dictates of the tabloid press and the redneck marginals, like the gormless and opportunistic lemmings they are.

Yes its a shame they have to camp out in the parklands. Aborigines generally hate that. What they really want is to live in the suburbs just like white people