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April 25, 2011

There is a lot that is right about ANZAC Day --- putting aside a day to remember those who have died in war. That is the kernel within the myth and it gives authenticity to a national day.

Unfortunately, a myth has been woven around the "Lest we Forget"; a myth about mateship & sacrifice for the sake of the nation's freedom and way of life. King and Country no longer resonates as it once did. These days its western democracies.

Anzac Spirit (mateship & sacrifice) need to be decoded, because Gallipoi stands for sending young Australian's to fight wars that have little to do with defending Australia's national interest.

Paul Kelly in The Australian says:

World War I engaged Australia's direct national interests. It was not somebody else's war. On the contrary, it was our war because victory or defeat would profoundly affect Australia's future.

It was Australian colonials fighting the wars of Britain. The Turks at Gallipoli did not constituted a real threat to the Australian nation, nor were they threatening to destroy the Australian way of life. The Turks were defending their homeland from an invasion by the imperial British.

Like Gallipoi, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are recent examples where Australia's national interest has been mythically equated with that of empire; an identity that is wrapped around the flag and nation building mythic heroes.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:09 PM | | Comments (5)


Can someone please explain why New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Portugal, Sweden, South Africa, Greece and a bunch of other countries do NOT see the need to be America's "relable" deputy?

Perhaps in the future we will have Coal Day. Where we pay homage to our heroes who toiled in the mines to make us all safe from the evil chinese.

defeat at Gallipoli has been redefined as victory. Will that happen with Afghanistan? Such is the futility of the war on terrorism.

Let's ask: what is this war all about and what has it achieved after a decade?

Yes I agree nana. Gallipoli has been repackaged to be a war about "mateship"

Dunno, think Afghanistan is the war against people wearing towels on their heads and I think its not going well.

slip of the pen nan :)