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NSW: environmental rollback « Previous | |Next »
April 18, 2011

When the NSW Parliament resumes on May 3, the Shooters and Fishers Party in the NSW upper house will begin its push for legislative changes to enhance the activities of licensed shooters, hunters, anglers and 4WD owners.

They want the right to shoot feral animals - deer, wild pigs, goats, foxes and rabbits - in national parks; the restoration of duck shooting all year round; the establishment of game parks on privately owned rural properties; the rewriting of the Firearms Act to roll back regulations on gun ownership, licensing and control; and the review the protected status of the state’s marine parks.


O’Farrell, the new premier, has a choice: deal with the Christian Democrats (Fred Nile) and the Shooters and Fishers or deal with the Greens.

The allies of the Shooters and Fishers Party is the National Party and their aim is to degut environmental regulation and policy; ie., a dramatic weakening of environmental protection standards and laws. The Shooters and Fishers Party, which - as in the previous parliament - finds itself holding a share of the balance of power with Fred Nile's Christian Democrats, meaning that O'Farrell's Liberals will need its support to pass legislation opposed by Labor and the Greens.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 2:22 PM | | Comments (5)


No doubt we are going to hear a lot about the Greens radical social agenda as well--the extreme left.

The Right will also go on about a more moral, just and compassionate society---but the content is right wing Christian on issues such as:

same-sex marriage;
protections for religious freedom;
Christian schools; and,

A more moral, just and compassionate society is an authoritarian Christian society.

its Deer hunting with Jesus for these white rednecks.

bikes don't belong on the bitumen in Sydney's car culture.

Sydney is very hostile to cyclists and aggressive road rage to cyclists from bogans is very common.

The O'Farrell government seems to be determined to keep Sydney car-dependent into the future.

The cartoon sums it all up. O'Farrell is rumoured to be greenishly inclined, and I am hoping the Greens in the Upper House are already talking to him about working with him to prevent the apocalyptic vision that the shooters and Fred Nile represent coming to pass. I wrote about this before the election, asking people to write to Barry, tell him not to do deals with these people, protect the national parks. Worth repeating that plea here now the awful truth has sunk in.

Your photos are looking great by the way. Looks like Tassie suits you!

you say re the conservative landslide in New South Wales:

Sadly, I have to agree.That is the conservative agenda with respect to environmental protection. It's rollback.