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the chicken hawks « Previous | |Next »
May 27, 2011

I see that some of the neocons in Australia who love a long war fighting the big enemy in the name of the war on terrorism are starting to run away from the AfPak war. Isn't this a 'cut and run' to use their own phrase?

Afghanistan has become more and more like the quagmire of Vietnam--a civil war that will not be resolved by a military victory by the Americans. It will be resolved by politics----ie., cutting a deal with the Taliban. The neo-cons have overstate threats.

RowsonMAfpak.jpg Martin Rowson

These chicken hawks can see which way the winds is blowing and it is slowly dawning on the neo-cons that the US faces no existential great power threats. It is slowly seeping in that the US cannot fight a couple of costly wars, experience a major global financial meltdown, and spend nearly a decade cutting taxes, and still expect to have lots of money to throw at national security. The US needs to get its house in order.

In doing so these neocons have dumped their former postiion: If we aren't fighting them in Kandahar, flying drones in Pakistan, helping rebel forces in Libya, providing aid and advice in Colombia, then we'll face rising dangers closer to home.

Will the revisionist neocons is ask themselves 'how did the US get into this mess in the first place? (Australia just followed the US) I won't hold my breathe. The neocons just rushed in blindly, guns blazing in the media at 'the enemy within', supporting torture and increased surveillance of their own citizens in their defence of empire and the national security state.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:53 AM | | Comments (1)


I wonder if our mainstream media will ever realise that we don't face an existential threat... not because our troops stopped it in Afghanistan, but because it NEVER existed.