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Rann Government: goodby Mike? « Previous | |Next »
July 31, 2011

The Labor Government in South Australia is trying to renew itself whilst in office. It has internal problems and its standing in the electorate has sunk to an all time low. It is addressing this through removing Kevin Foley, the Treasurer, and Mike Rann, the Premier. The plan is to remove the dead weight, rebuild the Government and the Cabinet, and present a fresh image to the voters.

Rann.jpg Gary Sauer-Thompson, graffiti, Port Adelaide, South Australia, 2011

Foley is now the ex-Treasurer, but he is still hanging around in cabinet, whilst Rann, by all accounts, has been told that his time is up. Labor's right faction has informed Rann that he either stands down or is removed.

Though Rann has had 17 years as state Labor leader and 9 as premier, and it's only a question of time before he realizes his time is up, he doesn't plan to go quietly. Even so, he is a dead man walking as the ALP realizes that generational change is necessary.

However, the SA Labor government needs to do more than present a fresh image to the voters for the next state election that is due in March 2014. The current Education Minister Jay Weatherill is to be the ALP's next state leader and SA's new premier. That kind of renewal strategy didn't save the NSW Labor Government. Voters there wanted a change of government not leaders. Is this the case in South Australia?

The SA Labor Government is a a tired, jaded government run by a right wing faction with little talent or policy ideas. There is an infrastructure build happening and the talking up both the defence precinct and a future mining boom that never seems to arrive. They are waiting for BHP-Billiton to give the go-ahead for the Olympic Dam mine expansion. Despite the state's transition from manufacturing to mining the government appears to be directionless.

Secondly, state politics in SA has little philosophical or ideological substance. Labor basically offer: They are the best to manage the state and deliver reasonable services. It's politics as administration coupled with lots of media spin.The politics is buried in the way that the rightwing faction controls the government.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:48 PM | | Comments (10)


The Rann Government ties itself in knots--eg. the Burnside Council inquiry by former auditor-general Ken MacPherson.

It asked for this inquiry and now it is suppressing the draft Report. They look plain incompetent, and they little comittment to transparent, open and responsible government.

The police will catch you one day Gary.

No, the evidence points to the outright domination of Labor by the right. Foley stays close to the levers of power, but no longer exposed to so much media scrutiny.
The deal had to come at someone's expense, but the factions decided it would be Rann.
He announced he would (no longer?) be a puppet when he publically "called" the provocative Wortley stunt, obviously a fait accompli unless Rann accepted his gelding.
My bet is six months, how far off the exact ten year milestone is that? Surely they wouldn't provoke his animosity?

you are dead right. The evidence points to the outright domination of Labor by the right including the shoppies union (Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association) and factional heavyweight Don Farrell.

I cannot see that changing the Premier is going to change that domination, or how Labor is going to dig itself out of a hole. Maybe Weatherill can defend what has been achieved--- eg., the banning of the prospect of uranium mining in the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. The right faction --eg., Mineral Resources Minister Tom (nuclear power) Koutsantonis and Don Farrell---were in favour of uranium mining in Arkaroola by Marathon Resources.

Good point Les. I like the nervously scrunched up "twisted" - the writer has a concern with the defamation law which is unusual in a graffiti artist. It might be photoshopped tho?

It wasn't me honest. I would be embarrassed by spelling Rann's name as Rahn.

Yes, it was the mis spelling and the pretending to be a dwarf that gave him away.

Whether or not Olympic Dam goes ahead depends on market demand for a uranium. BHP Billiton has delayed the uranium production ----the nuclear renaissance ---is a pipe dream in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

It looks very unlikely that private capital in western democracies will build nuclear power plants because of the cost---construction, power price, and operational--it to great. They are only going to be built with substantial government backing.

Rann isn't going anywhere in a hurry. He says that he will only stand down on his terms, on an undisclosed date once several projects have been completed.

The longer he delays the worse for Labor

we have a caretaker government in SA whilst Labor sorts out who its leader is. Currently we have a leader on the way out and a leader on the way in and it looks to be a long transition period.