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ALP: self-inflicted injury « Previous | |Next »
August 23, 2011

You have to wonder about the ALP at times. They just love to shoot themselves in the foot, don't they.

Why was Craig Thomson ever pre-selected? The factions knew that he was responsible for using his Health Services Union credit card to pay prostitutes. Now the Gillard Government is forced to hold their nose and ring fence him to ensure their political survival.


The fallout from the Craig Thompson affair has come at a time when the mining boom is causing the inevitable shakeout in the nation's manufacturing industries----eg.,One Steel + BlueScope Steel---because of the high dollar. The miners do well and everybody else (especially those in manufacturing and tourism) suffer --- apart from those having cheap overseas holidays or importing consumer goods online from the US.

So the politically powerful squeezed manufacturing sectors are being egged on by a populist conservative opposition that can smell blood in the water. It's all guns blazing to force a weak minority government, already backed into the corner, onto its knees, and then to go for the throat.

And so we have a Labor government under siege and its political capital nigh on exhausted. The Coalition continues to gain ground in Labor's heartland-----the blue collar workers in the manufacturing industry, even though the Gillard Government saw the manufacturing crisis coming in the form of the "Dutch disease" in 2010.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:58 AM | | Comments (9)


Lots of businesses and contractors in and around mining towns will disagree with you that they are suffering.

Apparently the country is presently being run by Bob Brown. Following that logic, if Thompson goes and the coalition win Dobell, won't Bob Katter be running the country? Something to look forward to.

The miners and their workers are making lots of money. The high dollar is slowly driving Australian manufacturers out of business. With each cent the dollar rises, their import competitors become cheaper and their exports more expensive.

Australia is going to become a country where we don't make things anymore. We just sell rocks.

the pressure is mounting on Craig Thompson: the Labor MP quit the leadership of a powerful parliamentary committee and New South Wales police mulling serious allegations against him.

The Coalition has mounted a ferocious political attack. The fragile facade the government has erected to protect itself from the Craig Thomson sleaze is starting to crack.

So the resources boom means the end of manufacturing. The economy adjusts to the boom by a higher dollar rather than higher inflation. It looks as if the adjustment from the resources boom will far outweigh the adjustment from the carbon tax.

The miner's profits are getting fatter and fatter from the resources boom.

the stench around Craig Thomson, the NSW central coast MP, and the Health Services Union (HSU) is becoming ever stronger. The HSU is in major damage control.

the Gillard Government hangs by a thread because it looks as if a backbencher once abused his privileges while working for a trade union movement.

As Barrie Cassidy points out in the first two years of the Howard government, seven ministers resigned (quit the ministry but not the parliament) over anything from dodgy expense claims, failure to divest of shares in areas where they had an interest, or irregularities in their ministerial travel allowances.

Why was Craig Thomson ever pre-selected?

It was the NSW Right who ensured he was in selected in 2010 for Dobell. Th y are the self claimed political geniuses who ran the NSW Labor Government and knifed Kevin Rudd. They knew about the allegations against Thomson in 2009.