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Republicans as cowboys « Previous | |Next »
October 8, 2011

The conservatives in the US are angry this year. They're looking for a fighter amongst the Republican presidential candidates who can take hard swings at Barack Obama.They see the country going down the drain. They're looking for somebody with proven results and proven success, who has "grit and determination", who'll come in with guns blazing. That person, for them, will have the authority to do what he says he's going to do.

They want Clint Eastwood, the cowboy as the lone gunslinger taming the lawless frontier, whilst preaching a small-government, light-regulation libertarian philosophy. The underside in the GOP is incompetence and extremism.


The cowboy fighter ain't going to be Sarah Palin. She appears to be content to remain a celebrity; a media figure whose political voice has dwindled. Her political career was brief, bizarre, and sordid. According to the Beltway pundits the two candidates most likely to win the Republican presidential nomination are the Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

The GOP is drawn to arguments that play on male anxieties about strength and potency. Most recent campaigns have featured Republicans asserting that their candidate is manly and strong, while the Democrats’ candidate is effeminate and weak. George W. Bush’s playacting cowboy routine was entirely theatrical, and the intimation of violence in his rhetoric--remember his “bring ’em on” about the Iraqi insurgents---was plain vicarious.

The GOP has been pushed to an extremist anti-tax position by the Tea Party that has elevated ideology above all else. The latter think that turning back the clock to 1925 and freeing America’s Horatio Algers from taxation and red tape is how to ensure economic growth in today’s global economy. They don't understand fiscal policy and don't know their way around the major financial institutions.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:46 PM | | Comments (7)


It's really quite entertaining watching Republicans try to argue that despite having been in power for more of the postwar period than they were out of it, they nevertheless bear no responsibility whatsoever for the allegedly awful condition of the USA. Indeed the presidential contenders' main message is that they hate politicians and want to take the country back from those bastards in Washington.

Once upon a time it would have been just as silly to suggest they can take control of Congress and the White House any time soon as it would have been to suggest that Tony Abbott might ever become prime minister of Australia. Now both outcomes look increasingly likely.

Gary, You may have seen this before. Rick Perry's America in a short video clip.

Goebbels would have loved it, and Sinclair Lewis predicted it.

The people who actually own and run the T-party know full-well what they're about, the vile Koch bros to mention the sort behind it; ex John Birchers and desperate to monopolise coal gas seam fracking before the greens or authorites wake up to their methods or someone discovers some thing more advanced than coal seam.
These people are the equivalent of the likes of Murdoch and Bolt with media, as to their empty headed destructiveness.

America is a comedy. I am considering barracking for the terrorists next season.

Agreed Les. One of those stupid comedies that rely on pooh jokes and people getting hurt in hilarious accidents.

Slightly off topic...

IMHO... The decline (moral and economic) of the US in the last 30 years owes a lot to the blind faith in their mythology and terrible attitude towards education.

The hubris associated with the population's vision of themselves as rugged, resourceful, righteous cowboys (and the rest of the world as effete, spoiled wimps) fooled them into turning a blind eye to their weaknesses. It also allowed lazy politicians to tap into that mythology as a cure-all for America's (and the world's) ills.

They strutted across the globe, convinced that they were larger than life, while ignoring the gradual decay from within.

Once the marketing maggots control the flag and the mythology the people follow.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past."

Now... about that "bronzed ANZAC" thing...

It looks similar to when communism begins to show signs of failure. Funny that.