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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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October 28, 2011

It's a simple proposition that makes a lot of sense.

Newspapers role in a digital world is to focus on making sense of the news rather than breaking it. Traditional journalism for print media doesn’t earn its keep any more and there’s no future in telling people what they’ve already learned from their mobile phone. Simple.

Making sense of the news--ie., interpretation---makes a break from what the media traditionally understand as good journalism---they generally mean Four Corner's style investigative journalism. Newspapers won't have the resources to do that.

As we have become aware interpretation of the news can quickly become s partisan polemic and mass deception of tabloid journalism. A recent example from Channel Seven's Today Tonight:

Here is the critical response from the ABC's Media Watch. I interpret it as an argument for strong regulation of the media to make it more accountable to citizens.

The political undercurrent behind the tabloid polemics and deceptions is the obvious link to them between enforced egalitarianism and tyranny--- it is that the Welfare State's attempts to promote equality that have left the poor much worse off. So it is necessary to reverse that trend to equality because the very idea of a “share of wealth” (eg., the mining tax) should, and must, be recognised as a deeply sinister one. The politics is rewarmed up 19th century liberalism.

This kind of media politics is "the way things are done." It is the new normal. Routine. Journalists implement the politics ---as in the opposition to gambling reform. This kind of normalization, with its language of us and them to make the deceptions palatable, comes easily when money, status, power, and jobs are at stake. The journalists operate unthinkingly, following orders, efficiently carrying them out, with no consideration of their effects upon those they've targeted.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:08 PM | | Comments (7)


It is important to realise that these 6:30 pm slotted programs are "Tv Shows" and not necessarily completely factual or unbiased. These shows serve the purpose of telling their listeners what they want to hear. They are not government run public service announcements. They are private enterprise profit driven businesses.
They are not necessarily honest news and expecting them to be that is dumb.

One thing is beyond doubt... the grubs at TT know their audience.

"They are not necessarily honest news and expecting them to be that is dumb."

They tell blatant lies and are based on explicit deception of their audience.

I am not sure that it is based on explicit deception in the main. It is moreso about audience retention, cultivating new watchers and marketing.

"They are not necessarily honest news and expecting them to be that is dumb."

In the same way that Alan Jones dishes up "entertainment" rather than facts? Um.... I'm not sure that the audience has been aware of this subtle difference.

The alan jones type of program is different in that it has people that listen because they hear what they want to hear but also hear things that they can disagree with and be annoyed about. And lets not forget that they choose to put the dial on that station.
But it is basically the same deal as the 6:30 tv shows. Get the audience. Sell 15 second ads.

No, I saw the MW episode, more Goebellsian black propaganda the TDT, than "entertainment" ( unless you enjoy badger baiting and the like ), let alone current affairs.
Really vicious stuff, and the crock of lies from the prods in response to MW queries was arrogant, pitiful and despicable.