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November 22, 2011

The background to the media inquiry is ACMA's 2011 Broken concepts: The Australian communications legislative landscape. It argues that the majority of the legislative concepts in Australia's media legislation are either broken or under significant strain.

This is primarily due to digitalisation, which has broken the nexus between the shape of content and the container which carries it’ (that is, services are now independent of platforms). Technological change in the form of digital transmission systems means that service delivery is now largely independent of network technologies.

This results in convergence of of older technologies such as television and print media with the internet. Just about all platforms and devices in the convergent era are digital, which makes them able to converge to a common network that operates over a variety of infrastructure types. You can access the internet on your TV, listen to radio on your PC, and watch video on your mobile device. It looks as if News Ltd and Fairfax, will survive this period but with much diminished or no print businesses and diluted earnings.

So we have the Convergence Review to examine the policy and regulatory frameworks that apply to the converged media and communications landscape in Australia. It is no longer useful for policymakers to look at broadcasting, radiocommunications and telecommunications industries as separate and distinct industries with unique policy frameworks.

These then are serious issues arising from a deep seated transformation of the mediascape. Yet the Media Inquiry is represented as a political scape-goating exercise by News Ltd; Fairfax is saying that the future of journalism looks bright; and the ABC's journalists/commentators are not exploring or informing us about what the media inquiries are supposed to be doing.

Its media policy and the journalists are interested in politics not policy.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:00 AM | | Comments (1)


I found this via Dorithy Parker at Loon Pond.

"FEDERAL police are investigating allegations that News Ltd offered a then-serving federal senator a ''special relationship'' involving favourable coverage if he crossed the floor on a vote of financial interest to the company.

The investigation was sparked by a statement given to them by the former Nationals senator, Bill O'Chee, who alleges a News Ltd executive said he would be ''taken care of'' if he crossed the floor."