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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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January 4, 2012

Climate change denialism is being mugged by the reality of global warming causing sea levels to creep up and stronger waves and currents eating away at the coastline.

DysonA floating hat .jpg

Climate change denialism is still politically strong and this power places constraints on reform attempts--eg., the Obama administration know they need to act. But they can’t act, or at least they can’t act at the scale necessary to really change the energy situation. Republicans won’t let them. The White House couldn’t get the emissions trading scheme legislation through Congress.

The other aspect of this power is that the media has played a major role in legitimising climate change denialism and the right -wing commentariat has in the Murdoch press has underpinned this up with anti-science irrationalism.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:28 PM | | Comments (6)


Even as the science of global warming gets stronger, fewer Australians believe it’s real.

They're in denial that it is happening. People pretend that its not a problem.

climate change denialism is not the truth seeking of true skepticism - it is big business paying millions to protect their own interests, by sowing doubt and kicking up dust, to preserve the status quo.

the scientific consensus is firmly on the side of global warming. But for anyone seeking an alternate view, there's an entire parallel universe where junk science and bogus statistics ricochet through an echo chamber of kooky blogs, "nonpartisan" institutes, and fake "green" and "citizen" groups that are often acting on behalf of the oil and coal industry.

the fossil fuel industry is trying to stave off the changes mandated by global warming and they’re actually trying to obscure the truth. Theirs is a climate change denial machine that has engaged in an escalating assault on climate science and scientists, and in recent years on core scientific practices, institutions and knowledge.

Yes people feel that as it isnt impacting on them now or in their view in the near future then it is low priority. This is probably not actual denialist behaviour though it is bulked into that group by some.
I would think that the couldnt care group is far larger than the true denialist group.

"climate change denialism is not the truth seeking of true skepticism - it is big business paying millions to protect their own interests..."

True enough. And what really cracks me up is the claims that climate scientists cook the books just the keep the "warmist industry" in business.

Yes, the multinational "warmist industry" is quite powerful, don't you know?