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Murdoch rises? « Previous | |Next »
February 25, 2012

Murdoch launches a new Sunday tabloid in the UK-- the Sunday Sun or more accurately the Sun on Sunday. It's a bold move given the decline of the newspaper industry and the ongoing inquiries into phone-hacking and alleged corruption of the police at the News of the World by the Leveson inquiry.

The tabloid replaces the closed down News of the World. News International now acknowledges that senior employees and directors" knew about phone hacking and sought to conceal it by destroying evidence of wrongdoing, which evidence included a very substantial number of emails" and the computers of journalists. Murdoch is using his old tactic of sinking his competitors by predatory pricing.


Murdoch has been only too willing to unleash the full force of his media empire against anyone who tried to tame him.The politicians in Australia and the UK have only made token gestures to break up his media ownership. They have feared the consequences of moving against him and bi-partisanship on the issue has been lacking.

The other aspect of this is that by 2006 the Metropolitan police already knew that phone hacking had been conducted on an industrial scale and that several News of the World staff were probably involved but they kept the inquiry narrow to protect News International. We now discover that payments and retainers running to tens of thousands of pounds were paid to the police by the News International's newspapers.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:31 AM | | Comments (3)


The vampire rises from its coffin. As if other news wasn't depressing enough, without having to conjure with the return of that mongrel idiot also.

So the police are now saying that there was a "culture of illegal payments" at Murdoch's Sun.

There is also a "culture of cover-up" at the Metropolitan police service. They acted in the interests of News International, which engaged in criminal behaviour. They were corrupt.

I am sure that Murdoch will seek revenge for the way that the British political classes who courted and then spurned News International.