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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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March 20, 2012

The Gillard Government is hardly adrift or marooned in the sense of its capacity to pass legislation. It is actually is being very successful at doing this. Gillard has now passed the second of the three agenda items she promised to fix when she assumed the prime ministership nearly two years ago.

Yet the tendency in the mainstream media is interpret the country through our leaders. The argument---if there is one ---goes something like this. Gillard is unliked by ordinary Australians. She has a credibility problem. Her speeches are flat and dull. Therefore Labor is increasingly on the nose. Most voters oppose key policies. That is why the Opposition would win an election hands down. Australia is a conservative nation.


The hard reality is that Australia's economic fortunes and well being primarily depend on the sustained demand for commodities from the major five Asian countries (China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Korea) not on Gillard's personality or lack of it.

Unless there is continual economic growth in the economies of the US and the developed world and therefore the Asian countries, then the demand for Australian mineral resources will fall. Australia's economic growth will then flatten.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:12 PM | | Comments (14)


"Australia is a conservative nation."

We just want to be relaxed and comfortable. Bring back John Howard. Return to the past. Vote Abbott.

Big win for the economic naif with the mining tax through last night.
Today Palmer and the lackeys and windbags huff and puff, threatening to use the courts to steal the needed money off the Australian community and back in the magnates billion dollar accounts.
Nan, if I wanted to be relaxed and comfy I'd go buy an ounce and trot out the old pipe.
But Abbott is more your trip of bad speed, if you want "relaxed and comfortable"

Ah... we can dream, Nan. We can only dream.

Never mind that, during the reign of the Toxic Dwarf, the whole developed world was living in a twisted dreamland. And we've yet to pay the price.

I doubt that even Mr Abbott can bring back those glorious, heady days.

Sigh... but we can still dream...

Nan, there are several pasts we could return to. We could go all the way back to 1787 and return to Europe (or Iraq or Vietnam, or...).

My preference would be to go back to about 1974, but that's just my lefty inclinations coming out.

Keep us posted on how the time machine is coming along.

China’s demand for Australia's iron ore has cooled. Has the China-inspired resources boom peaked?

"Has the China-inspired resources boom peaked?"

No... it's probably just part of a CIA plot. Clive can explain it to you.

Australia remains very much dependent upon the rest of the world. Europe and America are in a slump so Australia's economic growth is low.

George's proposition of a world slump is more likely a CIA plot than foolish Clive's thesis, which comes right out of the John Birch handbook and outdoes even that for sheer daftness.

All you people who love Labor should come and live in Queensland.
Might be a short stay.

Ah... Les... I'm fairly certain there nobody here who "loves" the Labor Party.

Labor has been in power a long time in Queensland---14 years in power under Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh.

Queensland Labor has been unpopular for a long time. It's all about damage control now.

Queenslanders want a change of government. Good luck to them.

According to the polls Queenslanders are poised to vote in the Liberal National Party in the biggest landslide the state has seen in its history. If that happens, the Labor opposition will be effectively wiped out.

The writing is on the wall for Labor.

I have little confidence in Newman or the LNP but it is time for a change. They will need bullet proof shoes. Business people are keen to see the back of Labor. They have had their turn. I voted for the Kattastrophe Party early in the week.