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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

a very Labor sleaze « Previous | |Next »
May 1, 2012

Can federal Labor claw back the scale of the disaster at the next election? If so, what is the best means of saving them from a wipeout? They face a future where few of them will be left.

The Labor backbench must now be thinking along these lines surely. They must realize that there will be no lift in the polls from a May budget that is in surplus. Nor will the introduction of carbon tax compensation will help the government recover its standing all that much.

The way things stand now an Abbott led Coalition could take control of both houses of Parliament at the next election, and Labor's reform legacy would be gone. Carbon pricing gone. Mining tax gone. NBN gone. Water reform gone. Media reform gone. The road to the future would lead back to the past.


I appreciate that the Gillard Government has been under a barrage of assaults aimed at destablization from the word go by all those vested interests who have opposed reform. News Ltd's aggression and manufactured rage cannot be explained by the performance of the government or the behaviour of the current prime minister.

Gillard Labor have also bought a lot on themselves. My own tipping point was the tactical power-play that used Peter Slipper in order to turn away from an electorally popular policy regarding poker machine reform. They turned their back on a reform that was in the public interest because the NSW Right feared losing some seats.

The result is a smell from the Slipper affair, and that has mixed in with the smell of corruption in the Health Services Union and its association with Craig Thompson, the Member for Dobell. The smell just reinforces the public mood of the Gillard Government as being on the nose.

The routine commentary and analysis of the Gillard Government of the political journalism of the Canberra media gallery is that the government may be doing okay in terms of policy and reform, but it is failing badly in the daily political battle (ratings?) to present a coherent and convincing public face.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:17 PM | | Comments (12)


Gillard Labor simply couldn’t hold its nerve on poker reform. I'm sure the NSW Right will move against Gillard even though they helped get her into the electoral black hole

welcome back to the good old days when the Greenhouse mafia--the big miners and polluters--ran Australia's energy policy.

News Ltd is determined to unmake the Gillard Government asap.

I don't know that it's particularly Labor sleaze. This kind of thing is what we expect from politicians generally.

Julia gillard's failure to communicate has killed this government. Media can take some of the credit for that, but not as much as die hard Labor supporters like to claim.

the (alleged) corruption around the Health Services Union boss Michael Williamson, is a very Labor sleaze. Williamson is a factional heavyweight in the NSW ALP Sussex Street machine and a former ALP national secretary.

The NSW Right is showing its colours---dump carbon pricing (they call it a carbon tax) they say. That would help to fix Labor woes.

It's only a question of time before they look around for a new leader to replace Gillard.

A third Prime Minister in six years would make Labor seem ludicrous, not merely incompetent.The NSW Right is bankrupt. Their thinking rarely goes beyond saying that the Greens are the real enemy.

The implication is that the NSW Right does not think that Labor should be a progressive social democratic party.

I was thinking of the Peter Slipper thing.

The Liberals have their own equivalents of the HSU problem. Clive Palmer for example. News Ltd. Organisations with questionable funding, like the IPA and the Lord Monckton crowd.

I despair of both major parties.

It appears now that Gillard was tipped off about the raid on the HSU and ( finally ) moved to distance herself and Labor from Thompson.
At this stage what is true and what appears to be true is the same thing. Another nail in her coffin.

The vitriol is astounding --Graeme Morris on Sky News Agenda says that Julia Gillard should be kicked to death.

Agenda is News Ltd’s SkyNews cable TV channel.

Lynn - the thing about the IPA and similar organizations is that are considered to be perfectly respectable.

Indeed via their Foundations of Western Civilization program they co-host with Quadrant various gab-fests promoting old time Christian religiosity. They recently had an event promoting Geoffrey Blainey's book on the History of Christianity. A very naive and simplistic his-story it is too.

The IPA is also closely associated with the relatively new Campion College in Sydney. And with the right-wing Christian publishing outfit Connor Court which has just published the new thoroughly atrocious book Killing the Earth To Save It by James Delingpole. There is also a lurking Opus Dei presence in both of the above outfits.

The NSw Right are in the process of floating more stories about shifting allegiances and arbitrary deadlines.