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May 8, 2012

I caught the last bit of Question Time in the House of Representatives. It was the end of a motion to suspend standing orders to move that MP Craig Thomson be suspended for 14 days. The background is the Fair Work Australia's long awaited report into the dysfunctional Health Services Union.

This stated that Thompson to repeatedly provided false and misleading information to investigators over his denial that he used his union credit card to pay for prostitutes. The report recommends civil court action against Craig Thomson Fair Work Australia Australia has referred Thomson’s breaches to the Federal Court of Australia for civil action.

RoweDbaglady.jpg David Rowe

The Gillard Government survived the vote (70-72) ---Andrew Wilkie is now voting with the Coalition---and it continues to survive by a thread. Why didn't Thomson stand aside from the ALP much earlier? Why didn't Gillard argue for a more open relationship between the unions and the ALP much earlier on?

Wayne Swan will hand down the Federal Budget tonight with all the policy settings set to ensure Australia’s future prosperity and Labor's re-election platform. Will the emphasis will be on the symbolism, given the two-speed economy. Will Swan bring in a surplus by focusing more on the revenue side than on the expenditure side? Will he move away from targeting from low to middle-income earners and shift towards towards high-income earners.

Will it rip the heart our of middle class Australia? Or will it target the high-flying executives by stripping them of some of the tax perks? Will it be the budget of an unpopular government approaching an election, not one that’s tightening the belt? Will it factor in a sharp slow-down in China results in a slump in export earnings at the same time that imports of capital goods soar as miners hurry to finish their major investment projects?

I presume, judging from the past, that Treasury's assumption will be that China’s economic growth will remain robust, even though its largest export market, the European Union, is slumping deeper into recession. China's demand is the key, and if commodity prices fall further, say by another 15 per cent, Australia's resources investment boom will be in trouble.

Treasury is always overly optimistic. China will continue to boom. So will India. Hence so will Australia.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:21 PM | | Comments (1)


The Fair Work Australia report details
Thomson’s $5793 spend on escort services, $103,000 in cash withdrawals he attempted to cover up, $250,000 on his campaign for election in Dobell, $73,000 tab for long lunches, not all of them for union business, and $1425 of HSU funds spent after having left the union altogether.

At issue are the six credit cards issued to Thomson which had been used to pay for escorts. Thomson has repeatedly claimed the cards were used fraudulently by others.

Fair Work Australia found otherwise.