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July 28, 2012

If the premiers of the conservative states are determined to make things very difficult for Gillard Labor at CoAG, then they sure chose the wrong issue to do so with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Though conservative commentators were quick to blame the failure to get trials up and running all on Gillard's incompetence, Victoria and NSW quickly backpedalled.


The mining states of Queensland and Western Australia are still holding out--that is resisting funding a series of trials. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is still saying no deal and holding the partisanship comes before the people with disabilities line. Newman even tried some classic buck-passing when he suggested introducing a Medicare style levy to fund the NDIS long term, even though the terms of this COAG meeting was the trial and the long term arrangements are yet to be discussed.

Campbell Newman’s recently claimed that "Queensland is on the way to being bankrupt" and becoming "the Spain of Australian states". It is a slogan being used to justify the neo-liberal politics of austerity, initially targeted at the pubic service.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:13 PM | | Comments (5)


They were making a big deal here about the large portion of money going to be gobbled up by admin costs. Think they said 650k or something. I was only half listening. I may be getting confused with $6.50 that they arent going to give the cabbies for carrying wheelchairs.

Campbell Newman is a political bomb thrower who thinks that politics is about pantomime partisan quibbling.

How can Queensland, a mining state experiencing a boom in coal exports, be bankrupt?

Queensland brankrupt? It's financial rating by Moody’s of Aa1 is just one notch below the best, while Spain (at Baa3) is just one above the speculative band.

The conservative states are also rolling back environmental protection and renewable energy programs. Victoria. The roll back all being done to protect coal interests.