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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

US: myth and denial « Previous | |Next »
November 5, 2012

I see that Mitt Romney adopts the same tactics as Tony Abbott --he says different things to different folks--- across the battleground states. The meme for both Abbott and Romney is to play on local fears and rely on untruths.

Probably the Liberal Party in Australia copied the tactic from the Republicans.

RoweDObama.jpg David Rowe

Another similar tactic is that the policies of Abbott and Romney are little more than buzzwords, slogans and declarations that they know how to fix the problem, whatever that problem is. Their opponent, by contrast, creates problems rather than solves them. This tactic is all about winning and has little to do with what they will do to govern if they win.

The political reality is that the institutions of government in Washington are increasingly dysfunctional--eg., the partisan gridlock in Washington---and this makes any strategy of promoting economic development to address both the recession and economic decline almost impossible.

Yet the assumption underlying practically all US discussion is that any slippage in America's global standing is the result of misguided policies that can be reversed by an act of will, even though the capture of US policy-making by financial institutions effectively rules out any serious attempt to tackle the country's economic problems for the foreseeable future.

The hollowing out of the middle class is what is fueling the Tea Party populism, with its feelings of dispossession, loss and resentment. That won't be enough to flip the swing states Romney's way despite the voter suppression and the tightening of election laws aimed at suppressing turnout among minorities, the elderly, and other voting constituencies that traditionally favor Democrats at the polls

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 6:51 AM | | Comments (10)


To appeal to the conservative Republicans who dominate the primaries Romney was harshly anti-immigrant, anti-tax, socially conservative and ultra-hawkish on defence.

He then corrected course with his moderate rhetoric in order to appeal to the undecided voters in the presidential election.

Race is just below the surface --Obama is polling less than 40 per cent of whites, more than 90 per cent of blacks

A prediction for Tuesday. Obama wins and Democrats hold the Senate.

A Romney victory would be real bad news for the environment.

I hope Paul is right. It won't break the gridlock, but four more years for attrition to rid the Supreme Court of its worst geriatric and criminal elements, may be a realistic hope.

"Their opponent, by contrast, creates problems rather than solves them."

For 18 months, Abbott succeeded in making the other side the issue. The blowtorch was never off the Gillard government---on boats and the “great big new tax”. No longer. The Coalition is becoming the issue.

You can break the gridlock by voting in Romney --so argue some in the media. they fail to ask who is responsible for the gridlock.

"This tactic is all about winning and has little to do with what they will do to govern if they win."

Good grief, Gary!!?!?! You're making it sound like it's a democratic process or something. Ultimately it doesn't really matter who wins. It's an oligarchy with a firmly set course. The POTUS just gets to sit on the bridge for a few years... while the ship sails on...

The Republican Party have sealed themselves in an echo chamber of delusions for years--ever since the rise of the Tea Party in 2009. In the Financial Times Simon Schama says that this is a world:

in which the financial crash was caused by over-regulation; one in which, despite years of brutal drought and violent weather patterns, climate change is a liberal hoax; a country that can correct a vast structural deficit without ever raising additional revenue, while expanding the military budget beyond anything sought by the Pentagon; a belief system in which Mr Obama was the source of all economic ills rather than the steward of the most intractable crisis since the Depression.

The anti-tax Tea Party wing is a powerful, angry voice in the House of Representatives. They see the Democrats as the party of big spenders and a culture of “dependency”.

The Republicans have failed to reach beyond white males, evangelical Christians and senior citizens.The GOP remains “the party of no”.

This is a recipe for becoming a permanent minority party.