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December 12, 2012

There you have it.

Justice Steven Rares in the federal court has found that James Ashby's sexual harassment against Peter Slipper an abuse of process; that the case was brought ''for the predominant purpose of causing political damage to Mr Slipper''; and that Mal Brough, who has been pre-selected by the Coalition for Slipper's seat, acted with Ashby to advance the interests of the Liberal National Party.

RoweDAbbotttrucks.jpg David Rowe

The judgment by Justice Steven Rares was over an application by Mr Slipper to have a sexual discrimination case that was brought against him by a former staff member, James Ashby, dismissed through abuse of process. The judgment made no finding on the harassment allegations by Ashby.

The case was designed as part of the Liberal Party's political campaign to both delegitimise the ALP's minority government, and the judgment and character of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Slipper resigned as Speaker of his own accord, and he is unlikely to be returned to the job.

If the LNP are willing to trash the joint to get their own way, the legal system does not take kindly to the law being used to run a political campaign. An appeal by Ashby is said to be likely. The LNP is not likely to change its conduct-- politically motivated beat-ups is their tool-in-trade-- in an election year.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:17 PM | | Comments (9)


The LNP destroyed Slipper politically in the process.

Well this just typical of Tony Abbott style politics, all smear, no policy.

What you would expect of a party that used the slush fund "Australians for Honest Politics" to jail their opponent Pauline Hanson

Federal Court Justice Steve Rares said Michael Harmer, of the workplace law firm Harmers Lawyers, who acted for James Ashby, had deliberately set out to damage Mr Slipper's reputation. He did so by making allegations into Slipper's possible misuse of Cabcharges, which were untested and ultimately abandoned

This was the abuse of process because Harmer could, and did not, substantiate or justify them by evidence.

It was a political assassination of Slipper by the LNP

For weeks, months, over an extended period of time, the COALition and the media together conducted a conspiritorial smear campaign against the govt using confected charges against an individual.
We now know, whereas previously we only strongly suspected, that this campaign was conducted on behalf of and by individual COALition members for their personal and party advantage using media support.

What are the details pertaining to this case?

For weeks, months the COALition and the media have conducted a smear campaign against the PM re her alleged past behaviour.

It is now time for a media that claims to be 'fair and balanced' to put the same spotlight on the alleged perpetrators in the Ashby/Brough/Pyne/Abbott/Murdoch/Fairfax/ABC 'gate' affair.
A full, detailed, smeary, speculative, emotive, suggestive, smoky series of lead items and headlines that look at the goings on in the COALition and media with a jaundiced eye.

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Won't happen.

The federal court was used for a political attack to damage Slipper is the legal judgement. The legal system would not take too kindly to this abuse of process.

Peter slipper was the good guy all along!
Well who woulda thunk that.

Who says that? The federal court didn't. Slipper was a sleazebag. That was well known in Canberra.

Ashby was the trojan horse used by the LNP to blow Slipper up for being a turncoat. They succeeded.

If you are a real person.You dont get sarcasm.