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February 9, 2013

Why are we supposed to be surprised, shocked or disgusted by the use of drugs in sport? Professional sport is a billion dollar business and its prime concern is making profits. It is a profit driven industry that is in bed with the gambling industry.

To win, you must beat the competition. So there is a demand for short cuts and incentives that are needed to stay in the game and to get ahead of the competition. Money is to be made by supplying that demand.

LeakBdrugssport.jpg Bill Leak

Are we really surprised or shocked that the Australian Crime Commission's report, Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport, raises questions about a nexus between sport, drugs, crime and gambling. Sure Australia's sporting image of the sun-kissed, clean-skin, Garden of Eden has been tarnished.

But that image was one that was manufactured and touched up by the sporting industry itself, whilst acknowledging that there were a few bad apples taking drugs and gambling. You know, the ones with personality problems and character flaws.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:43 PM | | Comments (6)


Even if our bronzed, buffed boys and girls are "fairly" clean... how can we be sure that their epic victory wasn't just the opposition collapsing on demand?

I'm told it sometimes happens...

It's interesting, the idea that Singapore syndicates are behind the recent upheavals throughout the sporting world.
Is it superceding an older apparatus controlled by the likes of George Freeman, Abe Saffron, the Waterhouses and others out of Sydney, that dominated the corruption of horse racing and the like in a previous era?
Is it just another example of globalisation?

There's a subtle difference, paul. The Asian syndicates are sneaky, nasty and corrupt... Saffron was just a "colourful identitiy"... a harmless rogue... or something like that.

the sporting codes are in bed with bookies ----they are getting a cut from the betting agencies. Sporting clubs have also taken up sponsorship and advertising deals with bookmakers.

Gambling is big business in Australia

yes gambling is integral to professional sport.

gambling is multi-million dollar industry that has has been able to function with accomplices inside elite sport, including players.