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ALP in crisis « Previous | |Next »
March 21, 2013

It is federal ALP that is in crisis, due to its internal destabilization from those MP's who support the return of Kevin Rudd as leader and PM. Labor is in turmoil from its ongoing leadership tensions. So say the political journalists in the mainstream media, rubbing their hands with glee.

A leadership spill has been called by Gillard for 4.30pm today. The Coalition used Question Time to call for standing orders to be suspended so they could move a no confidence motion against the Gillard Government. The Coalition kept calling -chanting even--- for an election now during today's Question Time. "We cannot wait until September 14."

The motion to suspend standing orders failed to gain the required absolute majority. The media still rubbed their hands at the thought of blood on the floor at 4.30pm. It would be Gillard's blood for sure.

MoirAtrainwreck.jpg Alan Moir

It is true that the ALP that is damaging itself. Yet its economic performance is okay, the carbon price appears to have been effective, there have a number of significant reforms (eg.,water reform in the Murray-Darling Basin) and they were starting to shift Australia into becoming a "high-wage, high-skill economy".

Despite a good record Labor turns on itself. Why the destablization from within by people like Joel Fitzgibbon--the Chief Whip---when changing leaders won't change the splits, factions, divisions and hostilities within the ALP? There would be only a facade of unity.

It's all grist for the media's narrative that leadership tensions is the core of political reporting and that the Gillard Government is dysfunctional and incompetent. They reckon that they don't have to make things up anymore or trade in deceptions.

They can now write that the ALP is on its knees and asking Rudd to return. And Ministers desert PM. Rudd gets his sweet revenge. Gillard is gone.

And so on. And so on. It's a hostile media narrative. Is this a case of shooting the media messenger who are merely reporting on what "senior Labor sources" have told them?

Not at all. The media don't even know whether Rudd has the numbers to defeat Gillard, or whether he is even contesting the leadership. They are just speculating and calling it fact. It's more likely a media beat up to reinforce the media's narrative and to help the Coalition crack the Gillard Government so that it falls.

Kevin Rudd did not contest the leadership. It was a week long media beatup. The press revved it up, drove it, surfed it, then savored Gillard's blood on the floor for an hour or two this afternoon. They were denied Gillard's head on a platter.

How long before the mainstream media start beating the leadership drum again? Will the emerging narrative will be " this is not over - there is no settlement"? Or Labor is dysfunctional. Labor is badly damaged. So is Gillard.

The journalists don't even understand what was going on in Question Time today. Thus Jacqueline Maley in the SMH says:

Abbott only got through a couple of questions before he moved a motion to suspend standing orders so he could move a motion of no confidence in the government. The suspension vote was won, and so the no confidence motion was debated.

Not so. The motion to suspend standing orders in order to move a motion of no confidence did not obtain an absolute majority. So the no confidence motion was not debated. Maley also says that the immediate threat to Gillard was at her back. But there was no contest. Maley is writing fiction.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:44 PM | | Comments (13)


Unless they've plumped for another candidate.
I loath the sight of supposed adults spooked by the media eating their own, if changing horses in mid stream works you'd be surprised.

Crean initiates the spill, nominates himself for deputy leader and says he'll vote for Rudd.

He does so, even though he knows that Labor's substantial reform agenda has failed to have been communicated well because Rudd, through these two-and-a-half long years has crippled Gillard's every attempt to do so.


The mainstream media's political reporting. Gillard has the numbers. Rudd has the numbers. It's even. It's fluid.

"Labor turns on itself"

Joel Fitzgibbon, the chief whip, has been white anting like crazy. He's on a suicide mission. Crazy stuff because the job of position of chief government whip is to be loyal to the leader--not be the chief destablizer and leaker. Why is he kept on?

"Joel Fitzgibbon, the chief whip, has been white anting like crazy."

So have the Hawker-Britton crowd.

Kevin Rudd inflates his numbers and the media believes him. They then say that the contest is on. Gillard is gonna get tapped on the shoulder by senior Labor figures. That helps create the momentum for Rudd's leadership of the ALP.

The political reality is that Rudd never had the numbers. That is why there was no ballot. We don't actually know the actual numbers. No one is saying other than Rudd was advised not to stand because he did not have a majority, let alone a clear majority.

So sad to see the media and presses disgusting diversion fall apart.
Now they will have to focus on Gillard v Abbott, starting with the vile IPA austerity program featured at the Drum, instead of a floss issue designed to divert people from the real choice.

The ALP, gor bless it, deserves some congratulations for its performance yesterday.
The majority lf its members refused to follow the script written, produced and directed by the media and its tame allies within the party who, clearly, are in a minority and who ended the day with egg on their faces.
As Andrew Elder said recently [paraphrasing] the hype by the usual media suspects was NOT that there are malcontents within the ALP who want to change the leadership seating arrangements, all major parties have such eg Joe Hockey and his mates within the Liberal Party along with Mal Turnbull and his mates, Barnaby within the Country Party, sorry, National party, BUT that such malcontents have the numbers to win.
They didn't.

Kevin Rudd is all done and dusted.

"Labor turns on itself... changing leaders won't change the splits, factions, divisions and hostilities within the ALP."

Will the resignations of Rudd's supporters (e.g., Ministers like Chris Bowen, Kim Carr and Martin Ferguson resigning from cabinet) help ease the splits, factions, divisions and hostilities within the ALP? It does resolve the stasis of the last two years with thee leadership, poor cabinet processes leaks, and decline of trust. Does that mean better cabinet functionality?

Were there policy differences between the Gillard and Rudd camps as well as personalities? That is what is still unclear.

Simon Crean wanted a circuit-breaker to the standoff between the two camps and he's got one.

Can Labor restore itself now? Can it regenerate itself. That was his hope.

"the ALP that is damaging itself. Yet its economic performance is okay, "

Last June Australia completed its 21st consecutive year of economic growth. No other advanced economy can come close to Australia's 21 years of growth.

Yet we have wave after wave of political attack against Australia's female Prime Minister

Table talk: 60 to 37. The Ruddites made a shit sandwich and, at the end of the day, they had to eat it.