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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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March 8, 2013

So the faceless men in the Right faction of the Victorian Liberal Party didn't roll Ted Baillieu? That's what the spinners say. Their talking point is that it was an orderly leadership transition wisely executed.

Well, this kind of factional party politics is about numbers. Baillieu didn't have the numbers because the faceless men--eg., Planning Minister Matthew Guy --withdrew their support. Members of Baillieu's own party ---those opposed to “radical Greens-style social policies”---were pushing for a change in leader and they conducted a whispering campaign against him. The Liberal Party suffers from a bitter factional division to the point that it imploded.

The factionalised Liberal Party has been effectively destablising itself, and this has resulted in it becoming a minority government that is dependent on the ongoing support of the cross bench Frankston MP Geoff Shaw on issues of supply and confidence. Shaw is an evangelical Christian who once equated gay sex with child molestation and murder, and he is currently under investigation for abusing his parliamentary entitlements (ie., using his parliamentary car to run his business interests).  

RoweDPoliticsNow.jpg David Rowe

The destablisers said that the Baillieu Liberal government was failing to sell its message. They were behind in the polls. If things were to be turned around the premier had to be replaced if the Liberal government was to continue to govern the state with purpose, implementing its agenda of building for Victoria's future.

It appears to me that the Liberal government's agenda of building for Victoria's future equates to the agenda of the National Party, the fossil fuel industry, and the urban developers--all of whom dismiss energy efficiency as the ravings of starry-eyed greenies wanting to reduce households’ demand for energy. Their's is an agenda that is connected to News Ltd's relentless culture war against “the Left” and to the austerity cuts to schools and cuts to TAFE.

The Liberal government's vested interest agenda is one that dismisses how serious the climate change issue is, and rejects the urgent need for action. Apparently Australia's high emissions per capita is because we have cattle that belch.

This is a government that has turned its back on a burgeoning clean energy industry, has left the state with a shrinking economy, and it has implemented VC82, the regressive planning laws. These laws have four main components – a minimum 2km setback from all homes, a 5km exclusion zone around 15 regional towns, the establishment of several “no-go” zones, and handing responsibility on wind farm approvals to local councils.

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The Baillieu government had an “ideological opposition” to wind energy.

Baillieu was a liberal moderate--often to the left of Brumby -- and he was cut down by the Right faction in the Liberal party.

There was a peculiar hatred of Baillieu within the conservative movement. I'm not sure why. Part of the tribal warfare against “the left”?

"the Right faction in the Liberal party."

they say they are not racist and not opposed to black and brown Australians. per se; What they object to were recent immigrants of any colour scrounging social benefits, including healthcare and council housing. Only the right faction of the LIberal Party would stop the boats and curtail mass nonwhite immigration.

" the cross bench Frankston MP Geoff Shaw, an evangelical Christian who is under investigation for abusing his parliamentary entitlements"

Frankston is the home of the white Australian working class and lower middle class that is receptive to the the race card of the LIberal party and the faux Australian nationalism of the Right, whose enemy within after 2011 is Australian Muslims.

can we talk of an incipient Australian fascism instead of the extreme or far Right?

there remains a large sector of our society that still believes parliamentary democracy to be a sham; still thinks that black and brown people are inferior (while Jews are worrisomely and magically superior); remains powerfully xenophobic ; looks to a nationalist renaissance; and of course, still reads The Daily Telegraph.

Don't forget the endless series of scandals arising from the way Police Minister and National party leader Peter Ryan engineered the transition of the chief commissionership of Victoria Police from Simon Overland to Ken Lay.

That's a slow fuse as Peter Ryan remains Deputy Premier.

South Australia in macro.

they panicked