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April 22, 2013

Australia does need educational reform to prioritise the lowest performing students and to have a funding system that is both good, effective and equitable. The current political battle is over both the school funding arrangements, the states as partners holding constitutional responsibility for public education; and greater principal autonomy, in curriculum, assessment and reporting.

MoirAGonski.jpg Alan Moir

The current arrangements and policies limits accountability and contributes to growing resources and performance gaps between rich and poor schools, with the disadvantaged students suffering most. CoAG failed to deliver.

The Gillard Government's $2 for $1 school funding deal for the states and territories was rejected because the non-mining states lack the significant fiscal revenue to contribute significant additional funding of their own and it also meant the states losing a huge amount of control over how they spend this precious school funding. This goes to the heart of what federalism means in Australia.

The Coalition's position is that Australia's school funding system doesn't need reform and they will retain current inequitable arrangements that reinforce the ever-increasing social and academic divide between schools. The gaps between schools serving the rich and those serving the poor have grown, with the gaps marked by growing differences in school size, student intake, resources and achievement.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 12:51 PM | | Comments (4)


Will Gillard fight the election on educational reform?

Australia is both rapidly slipping down the international league tables and the gap between the good and barely adequate schools is getting worse.

The major difference in schools over the last 10 years is that teachers have little control over students.
Kids just tell teachers to shut up,fuck off and call them losers.
It was better in the old days where the dumb kids were made to learn and the teachers could give them a slap or cane if they needed it.

So much else will also be just rolled back after the election.
Australians are just fools.