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the booze culture « Previous | |Next »
January 29, 2014

The tabloid-driven moral panic over alcohol fuelled violence on the streets, which is designed to create fear and anxiety amongst the public,usually results in more law and order: minimum mandatory sentencing, greater powers for the police, special licence conditions and lockouts and closures.

What is so noticeable is the silence around Australia's booze culture: it's costs due to its effects of alcohol abuse on individual and public health, traffic accidents, relationships and workplace productivity.

DysonAhand.jpg Andrew Dyson

There appears to be a culture of denial at play here and an acceptance of the promotion of this drug (eg., around sport) when other drugs are banned. It's almost as if excessive drinking is an integral part of our national identity and culture. Australian society has normalised and legitimised heavy drinking. It's a ritual of manhood and male solidarity with the focus just on individual 'abuses' rather than the use or uses of alcohol in the society--a boozy culture.

What is often missing is the cultural history of alcohol and excessive drinking being a cultural problem.

There is a general public awareness of the need to curb tobacco use and obesity from a public health perspective but not alcohol use. The alcohol and hotel industry, which has enormous political and business clout, ensures that the lid is kept on alcohol-related harm. You just need to learn how to hold your grog.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 9:40 AM | | Comments (2)


It is an obvious contradiction to be promoting a healthy life style through sport and promoting alcohol at the same time.

Are we talking about techniques of commodification/ individuation here/socialisation here?

Rites of passage, a preferred form of masculinity (for who?),unit-bonding and differentiation from the female half of a community; perhaps the straight-jacket OF "masculinity"/"femininity" in the end.

And if people think it is just men that are conditioned into limiting ways of being, do think of unfortunate women and how they are conditioned to accept certain roles in the scheme of things through things like the anorexia/ make up/fashion cult, which has been hijacked, with changes in cultural emphasis through advertising, negative for the subjects but synergic to consumer capitalism.

Probably the sexual divison of labor turned a process more "real world" in more tribal and agricultural societies; put it on steroids, so to speak- technology has turned conditioning into a bigger danger also when rifles, fast cars and inculcated mob violence are factored in.

"Holding your grog" is not feasible for some folk btw and it can be an unhelpful cop out to urge it on some people
Sadly, not everyone is "man enough" (or woman enough) to "hold their grog" altho, from personal experience, I can assure others unaware of it, that there can be "life after grog" if you are a person with a problem with it.