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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Beyond the Australian media « Previous | |Next »
February 14, 2003

For those who want a world roundup of the journalist comment to the main events of the week check this. It takes us beyond the American centred view that we get in Australia. It highlights the narrow media universe in Australia.

For a good criticism of the Saddam=Hitler and the critics of the war=appeasers, see this. The pro-war commentary is close to war propaganda as it endlessly recycles the cliched script without any attempt to engage with the criticism of the Bush adminstration's pre-emptive approach and the intellectual framework and strategic thinking behind this approach. It works within the rigid limits of the narrow nationalist agenda of the neo-conservative Bush administration and the liberal internationalists who seek to go beyond the nation-state with their global governance and conception of international law as a kind of superior law above the state.

You want a bit of dirt on the US in relation to the UN? See here. (Link courtesy of wood s lot). It is increasingly clear that the US basically rejects any global constraint on its actions. Its hegemonic power rests on a pax americana structuered around persuasive military threats accompanied by tough arm-twisting amongst the allies. It has the military power and technology to go to war alone war can be won without lasting political repercussions in the US itself. Britain and Australia are basically there for political dressing--- to indicate to the American public that there is soem world-wide support for Bush administrations actions. John Howard played his part well when in Washington.

Sorry:wrong target rejects the Bush administration's view of Old Europe as a bunch of appeasers. It indicates the commonality of reasons for the opposition to the Bush adminstration's war with Iraq between the European and Australian people. These reason lie:

"... in a deep rooted mistrust of US President George W. Bush: of his methods; of the rough way he handles his allies when they do not bend; of the misunderstanding, or the lack of interest in what those allies have to say; and of this cold war motto, ‘Either you are with us, or you are against us!’

They are not cowards or traitors this European majority; nor are they unable to understand what’s at stake.... They just don’t believe in the new US doctrine of pre-emptive war or its black and white quasi-fundamentalist vision of the outside world."

What is deepening the rift between the US and European and Australian people is the rough way the Bush administration handles its allies: a touch of bullying; coercing instead of convincing; and antagonising their friends instead of building a consensus around their strategy. The consequence of these tactics is that the Blair and Howard Governments are now at odds with a majority of their own citizens.

And for something different? Try a weblog by an American in Baghdad MidEastLog. (Link courtesy of Eve Tushnet.) I couldn't track done Al Jazeera English website. Its coming In the meantime we have to make do with Aljazeera.netin Arabic and translate; or this and

We are now beginning to step beyond the horizons of the Australian media.

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