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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Moveable Type upgrade/ virtual culture « Previous | |Next »
February 14, 2003

Moveable Type has announced an upgrade here to MT 2.6 This promises to make nano-publishing---small, highly-targeted online publications and weblogs---more successful and help to make business ventures built by publishing content on the web more successful. Thats their blurb.

It is the absence of the media gatekeepers that makes the Internet so attractive, plus the flattening of the value hierarchies that are notable in the older systems of communication. It has resulted in a multitude of new sites for communication, interaction, information and political organization, which are creating a network/information society.

Tools, such as MoveableType, will certainly facilitate the development of both a more independent virtual culture and community in the face of an inward-looking and complacent media; and a digital culture based around a mixture of text, image and sound with different mode of storytelling---nonlinear with a multipath narrative. This is already happening with hypertext and weblog. Here we have blocks of texts connected by electronic links which offer different pathways to users; and an arrangement of information in a non-linear manner due to the computer automating the process of connecting one bit of information to another. The results are interesting.

From a public policy perspective it is the digital divide based on the inequality of access that is worrying--- since access to computers and the Internet is becoming increasingly important for full participation in economic and political life. (See Benton Foundation).

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