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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Miranda runs out of puff « Previous | |Next »
February 20, 2003

I read Miranda Devine's latest piece this morning. It was so disappointing.

The protestors were a bunch of simpletons, whose beliefs 'require such a corrosive cocktail of ignorance and postmodern cynicism they soon rot whatever brain cells might have existed in the first place.' Our mindset is such that we 'forget Saddam understands only force and thrives on the weakness of his enemies. ' We are motivated by gut feelings, are ill informed and desire peace at any price.

The logical conclusion of such views leads to people becoming propanganda tools for the Iraqi regime.

All in all pretty feeble apart from this description of the irrational mob or the rabble---the beast stirring from its slumber; the lunatics clamouring below---the idiots is Tim Blair's term. The implication was that the conservative political elite were knowledgeable, operated in terms of reason and had a proper understanding of politics.

The lack of content was mixed up with a spicey spray about left-liberal views on refugees, the republic, reconciliation to give it the appearance of backbone--to give the appearance that Miranda is saying something. If we ignore the spice, then what is Miranda saying? Her text is little more than a dismissal of the protest marches as a sign of collective insanity.

The text is hardly the pleasant chiming of the bells--a worldly and civilizing rhetoric. Reading her text is akin to reading an amplifier, someone who falsifies experience because they boom it up so much that they distort it. It is watching a journalist self-destruct and dissolve into fragments, none of which have any authority.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:07 AM | | Comments (6)


"We are all accountable for the actions we take. And people who demonstrate and give comfort to Saddam Hussein must understand that, and must realise, that it's a factor in making it that much more difficult to get united world opinion on this issue, which in the end is the best guarantee there is of finding a peaceful solution, if there is a peaceful solution to be found." - John Winston Howard, 20 Feb 2003

It is always the same script that is being used. What do these guys do? Have some researcher/staffer scan the net each day looking for lines?

United world opinion? The US and Australia stand firm in the face of growing opposition to forcibly disarm Iraq without the support of the UN.

Or they just take their cue from Washington. No more inspection time. We dont need the 2nd Security Council resolution. Then Downer trots onto the stage and denies that they are part of the US war machine?

Hey - no dissing Alexander - he's just a boy from the Adelaide Hills trying to do his best, is all.
Not his fault if he can't keep up with the spin. Poor little fella. Such cute curls too.

'What do you want to do when you grow up Miranda?'

I want to be an establishment toady like you Dad'

'It is always the same script that is being used. What do these guys do? Have some researcher/staffer scan the net each day looking for lines?'

Unka Karl produces the RNC talking points and these are disseminated widely thru the land, yea even unto the newsrooms and studios. Then the cadre of big-cannon generals like Steyn, Sullivan, Hitchens, Kristol, Krauthammer, Will, Safire, Kelly, O'Reilly, Hannity, Barnes (have I left anyone out?) send their shot booming into the ether, where loyal footsoldiers like Devine, Blair, Bolt, McGuinness et al pick up the shiny bits and recycle them for domestic consumption.

Just drop into the newsagents and pick up the Speccie and the Weekly Standard or the Natonal Review, sit down with a cappucino or a chardonnay and away you go!

its a bit cyptic.

'Unka Karl produces the RNC talking points.'

Can you spell that out so I can chase it up?


I'm being facetious. Unka Karl is US-blogspeak for Karl Rove, generally credited with being the Svengali behind the Bush/Cheney spin machine. He apparently has a big hand in day to dat Reubliacn strategy, which is highly co-ordinated nationwide. So much so that newspapers across the country have been receiving letters with large swathes of suspiciously similar material, which of course is provided by the party.

It's surprising and depressing how often those Republican talking points become the basis for rightwing pundits globally - they all sing from the approved songsheet.