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US elections: The slanging match starts « Previous | |Next »
February 18, 2004

I've stayed away from the American electoral cycle and the way the Democrats have gone about selecting their candidate to knock the Republican imperial presidency off its elevated perch. One by one they've fallen away. It was Wesley Clarke last week.

Howard Dean just couldn't swing it. He had the cash, the subscribers, believers, workers, and the recruits for his insurgency. From over here in Australia the former Governor from Vermont looked so good at the beginning. Now the writing is on the wall. His campaign staff are drifting away---Dean has lost his campaign chairman Steve Grossman on top of losing his campaign manager Joe Trippi in January after the New Hampshire primary. And the money is drying up. It all took just a couple of months.

Senator John Kerry has a virtual lock on the Democratic nomination, as the states (Wisconsin today) continue to fall his way. They've jumped ship and are running a weblog to help with the grassroots campaign to change America for the better---meaning restoring democracy and citizen participation. That means strengthening the prrogressive wing of the Democratic Party, and developing an effective grassroots movement that is independent of the party establishment. --

Tim Dunlop has some brief comments on party professionals running weblogs.

By all accounts it is now Bush v Kerry. And the presidential campaign has already started . Dirty tricks are beginning to fly. The Republicans realize that they have a battle on their hands.

And Dean? Was it not he who turned things around? He was a shooting star.He took Bush on over the Iraq war when the Democrat establishment in Congress was acquiesent and seeking compromise. He tapped into the deep dislike of Bush and the Republicans within the Democratic electorate by confronting the Republican establishment proved and highlighted how America is deeply divided. He devised an Internet-based fundraising and organizing model. The result? A revitalised and optimistic Democratic movement.

That's Dean's legacy. Its a good legacy. He has a future in politics.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 5:56 PM | | Comments (2)


Just heard this morning that Dean has pulled out but is hoping to keep his organisation together to help get the shrub out of the Whitehouse...

.....and Kerry starts to sing a more protectionist tune as the factory jobs continue to be outsourced overseas.