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chaos and tyranny « Previous | |Next »
July 19, 2004

On the one hand, we have this:

The wall is part of the "unilateral disengagement" from Gaza, and its quid pro quo: Israel's right to retain almost all its illegal settlements and the vast swath of the West Bank in which they are located.

Behind the wall we have this kind of discrimination against Arab Israel citizens. But then you have this argument for the illegal settlements in the West Bank to be dismantled. And Ariel Sharon did manage to swing his disengagement outline through cabinet--–after the exit of four pro-settlement ministers.

On the other hand, we have this protest by Palestinians against the President Arafat for the corruption and lack of reform of the Palestinian Authority and security services. As the Palestinian-American intellectual Edward Said wrote: "Arafat is building in the territories a government that is a combination of Lebanon's chaos and Saddam Hussein's tyranny in Iraq." Arafat is making a grab for power in the Gaza strip.

It is chao and tyranny in the Gaza territories. The political chaos is a reflection of the deep-seeded frustrations and boiling indignations felt by Palestinian society, particularly with the PA's inefficacy and corruption.

July 20
This article highlights that Arafat has spent months staving off pressure to surrender some of his power, particularly control over the Palestinian security forces, to those who might make better use of it. He now faces a challenge to his web of control, if not his position as leader, from within Palestinian society as the four year old intifadia fades.

The immediate confrontation is a battle between reformers and the old guard within the Palestine Liberation Organisation.The reformers include the youth wing of Arafat's own ruling faction. The challenge had been prompted by the competition for power in Gaza ahead of the Israeli withdrawal of Jewish settlers next year, and a deep disillusionment at the level of corruption and incompetence of the Palestinian Authority under Mr Arafat's control. However, Arafat still controls the money and the arms.

July 22
This BBC report says that the number of Jewish settlers living in the Gaza Strip and some West Bank areas has risen sharply since Israel said it would unilaterally withdraw from them.

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