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US Democratic Convention « Previous | |Next »
July 31, 2004

NewsUSElectionsVH1.jpg I tried watching Senator John Kerry speak at the Democratic Convention in a video feed yesterday, but the line kept breaking up.

I had read that Clinton had given a powerful speech and was wondering how the patrician Kerry would perform. What would he come across as?

I only got bits and pieces of the Kerry daughters saying how wonderful and sensitive their dad was and fragments of Kerry's speech. I caught lots of martial imagery and rhetoric in Kerry's speech.

From the bits that I saw it was a tightly scripted choreographed spectacle--a Hollywood production.

What suprised me was how much of the content of the Convention was so Republican---lots of patriotism and defence with Kerry. And with John Edwards, there was lots about the values of "faith, family, responsibility, and equality of opportunity."

Aren't these guys meant to be liberals in the US sense? Kerry came across as being strong on national security, especially with that opening line of reporting for duty. He was all about being tough and safeguarding the US and foreign policy machismo.

This was a theme of the Democratic campaign:

It is difficult to judge these events at a distance--from Adelaide Australia when you cannot experience the convention as a live fed.

Maybe Kerry had found an appropriate and compelling way to enlist Vietnam in his campaign against Bush and Iraq. Maybe it was all about Vietnam as a touchstone for Iraq and being a better commander-in chief than Bush?

Was that what was meant by Kerry needing to do if he was to touch all the right emotional buttons?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:04 PM | | Comments (5)


Yeah, but they're worried about being seen as "too liberal", so they're trying not to scare off the "middle voters". No-one wanting a "liberal" president is going to vote for Bush; but some who are considering the Dems might still buy the Repubs line that they're "weak on national security".

Both camps will be trying to play for the centre, which means minimising their weaknesses.

I reckon you are right. Kerry has to look strong on national security. He has to be the strong Commander-in-chief.

They have appeared weak on national security ever since the Vietnam War.

Judging by the background to the picture of Kerry, he's decided to really come aboard on Iraq. Interesting that he sees national health as a big issue for the US, as it seems to be for Latham in Aus for the forthcoming elections. Latham on the other hand seems to have jumped ship on Iraq. It will be interesting to see which tack works best.

Kerry took the patriotic football away from Bush, and also attempted to remove the faith football from the Republicans' tight grasp. The incessant Vietnam theme, the comrades from the Navy, the wheelchair bound Senator, the flags and the salute - all choreographed and orchestrated to drive home the theme "we are not your father's Democratic Party."

I believe they were successful. This makes the upcoming Republican Convention a must-see spectacle. How will Bush respond? Kerry took the high-road for the most part, and any negative campaigning by Bush will be seen as desperation and fear.

Likely they will try a "Don't change horses in mid-stream" route, which would be a pathetic appeal to their core voters, who arent going anywhere anyway.

They will also appeal to their faith block, who also are locked in.

This election promises to be ugly and close. The Democrats have already painted it as "the most important election in the history of the Republic." A fight between good and evil.

Look for abortion and stem cell research to drive huge wedges between voters. Bush always plays his God card. But Kerry even one-upped him there with the line: "I don't want to claim that God is on our side. As Abraham Lincoln told us, I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side." That had to smart for those planning feverishly to pull off a big show for Bush in New York at month's end. "He quoted Lincoln? He quoted a Republican? DAMN HIM!"

But a quick look at the GOP's convention website has them stealing pages from the Democratic playbook. "Compassion Across America" is the index pages's theme. Give me a f---ing break.

And to add insult, there is a goofy image of Cheney actually trying to smile.

Politics, entertainment and commerce - the unholy trinity of America - all coming to together like never before in a blurred and stomach-churning spectacle that must make our Aussie friends laugh and cry all at once.

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