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Israel: Sharon's game plan « Previous | |Next »
August 27, 2004

This is a good account of Ariel Sharon's strategy vis-a-vis the Palestinians. One of the best I've read.


Sharon strategy has always been a Greater Israel. At this stage he is willing to concede the Gaza strip so as to expand the illegal settlements in the West Bank. And the US openly supports the strategy. That means Australia supports a Greater Israel.

And within Israel? Inside the Jewish state, or the Jewish national homeland, there is different treatments of different peoples. One nation cultural politics rules inside the Jewish state.

29 August
There are voices within Israel that critique this kind of Zionism. An example can be found in the Olga Document, which states that its critique of Zionism is based as on Zionism's:

"....refusal to acknowledge the indigenous people of this country and on denial of their rights, on dispossession of their lands, and on adoption of separation as a fundamental principle and way of life. Adding insult to injury, Israel persists in its refusal to bear any responsibility for its deeds, from the expulsion of the majority of Palestinians from their homeland more than half a century ago, to the present erection of ghetto walls around the remaining Palestinians in the towns and villages of the West Bank. Thus, wherever Jew and Arab stand together or face each other, a boundary is drawn between them, to separate and distinguish between the blessed and the cursed."

The critique is based on a liberalism that is opposed to all laws, regulations and practices that discriminate between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, and demands the dissolution of all institutions, organizations and authorities based on such laws, regulations and practices.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:36 PM | | Comments (4)


For the opinion of a bunch of Israeli intellectuals/academics/
activists, google "the olga document"

Thanks Gerry,

The Olga Document of July 12, 2004. It accurately states:

"Ten years after the Oslo Accords, we are living in a benighted colonial reality—in the heart of darkness. Thirty-seven years after Israel conquered the last of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, over three and a half million Palestinians under its rule are penned up in their towns and villages. The term "Palestinian State"—which for years embodied the peace option—is being used by many Israeli politicians as a mirage phrase, a spin on the reality of occupation: "In the future," they whisper with a knowing wink, "the Palestinian entity in the Territories may be called a 'state'." And meanwhile Israel is amplifying the devastation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as if determined to pulverize the Palestinian people to dust."

These are Jewish voices saying this.We rarely here such voices in Australia.

Speaking of voices Gary, where's our very own? Turned the corner or just off the air? Time was a piece on Israel was a flame for moths like us.

It is nice to have a break from trying to cure his maniac intolerance, but still I'd like to see what progress he's making.

Dunno Glen,
The Voice of Sanity threw a hissy fit a while ago and never returned.

I miss him too in sipte of the inability to concede an inch on anything.