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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

ghost of the 1960s « Previous | |Next »
November 11, 2004

This is polemics. A polemic responding to another polemic.

The Australian waxes lyrical over the death of the 1968ers.

The polemical editorial in The Australian reckons the 1968er's imagination has withered and their dreams have died. They're all washed up and are little more than the walking dead. The Australian says:

"The ghost of the 1960s is being exorcised from Australian public life. The assumption that proper politics should focus on minority interests and that people interested in the economic and social stability of the traditional family unit were ignorant and irrelevant to a just Australia took root when Gough Whitlam was prime minister. But while the political winds are shifting in a way we have not seen for a generation, the intellectual ideologues who have assumed the right to chart the course of the national conscience for 30 years do not understand where they are taking us."

It smirks at the self-appointed keepers of political morality, orators with easy access to the opinion pages of [presumably liberal] newspapers and microphones at the ABC. Then it says that this:

"...does mean the days when community values were dismissed by opinion leaders in the public sector and media as an imposition on the oppressed are ending. What Francis Fukuyama calls the "great disruption" of the 1960s and 1970s, when radical social reformers sought to erode community consensus around traditional social values, is now being renounced in favour of traditional ideals of family life. It seems the only people who do not now see it are the ageing radicals of that distant age. Bourbon-like, they have forgotten nothing and learned nothing."

Well I've got news for this limp organ of the international capitalist press, which reckons that the path to the new Jerusalem leds back to the ordered days of yesteryear. The social consensus around the traditional social values it professes to idolize are being trashed by the entertainment (culture) industry. It is the logic of free market capitalism, and its nihilisitic consumer culture, that is the source of the moral decay the hypocritical Australian bemoans with crocodile tears.

Yes, we old 68ers, who celebrate Paris 68 each year with champaigne then read Deleuze and Guattari about schizophrenics going for a walk in the shopping malls with master cards, have learned nothing. Just like that ole boy General Glut, ( link courtesy of John Quiggin) I too continue to maintain along with:

"... Marx and Keynes that capitalism's tendencies are toward crises of overaccumulation and underconsumption. Globalization performs this sorry old tale through debt, deflation and depression on the stage of the whole world."

Incurable romantic! That is a desiring 68er who celebrates the body. Our bodily impulses resist the dull rhythms of the call centres as we re-value the old rotten values.

We see our role as soaring, free spirits to philosophize with hammer, so as to sound out the idols of the corpulent bourgeoisie who have allied themselves with the counter enlightenment.

We philosophical eagles, harded by the discipline of critique and dialectical severity, swoop with gay abandon through a nihilistic world of naked capitalism, because we love to dine out on the weakly bourgeoisie's bloated entrails.

Ghosts? What ghost? Our will to power has no room for pity for bourgeoisie's sickly state or their need to eternally suck the tit of the corrupt corporate state. We free spirits, who are by necessity the people of tomorrow, love to knife vivesectionally the counter enlightenment's faith-based values of good and evil.

Do you know the secret unearthed by a postmodern schizonalysis? The schizophrenics are in charge of corporate governance. The results are all round us and are daily reported in the financial press in loving detail.

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.. thus spake the 68er


A great read. Where do I sign up, Gaz?

Here's another '68er who was too busy then making a living to be a soaring, free spirit. After all, I had to toe the corporate line, young innocent that I was.

Well, no more of that junk. I toed the line so well and for so long that I finally got the inevitable kick up the khazi - so now I'm free and out there!

While the next generation are tied down by the weight of their credit cards, and their tight grip on the corporate ladder, and their mortgages for their oversized dream homes, which take 3 hours to just vac the carpets, I'm free to voice the opinions I've always wanted to.

Not just that, I'm free to take part in the protests against corporate greed, Government bureaucracy, and inhumanity of all kinds. It feels good!