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November 3, 2004

Even with a big turn out that was meant to favour the Democrats, the election looks to be flowing the way of George Bush. John Quiggin concurs. The informed predictions of a solid Kerry victory of 311 electoral college votes look way off.

The Republicans have control of both the Senate and the House. Congress is theirs. The Republicans have won the popular vote. Have they won the Presidency?

Not yet. Ohio is the current electoral battleground. The key, as it is a must win for John Kerry, says Roger Payne. Kerry needs to win it just to stay in the race. Did the Democrats get enough of the urban vote out in Cleveland and Cincinati to counter the rural republican vote?

Tony Auth

What suprises me, as an Australian, is that American citizens in Ohio have been standing 8-9 hours in line to vote. Thousands of people were still in line waiting to vote more than two hours after the polls closed in Ohio. Some were still voting at 2:30 a.m. How come? The wait is 20-30 minutes max in Australia. Is the huge wait in Ohio because they have so few polling stations? Or is it the result of the law suits by the Republicans?

Looking on from afar I reckon the American democratic system is in need of reform. It looks corrupt to me. Ohio has been marked by republican efforts to challenge voters in polling places, resulting in a series of back-and-forth rulings from federal courts.

Why the silence on this? Nothing is being said on this issue by the major US networks. Their coverage is graphic and glittzy but superficial. You have no idea what is happening on the ground in Ohio from watching them. Are they too in love with their own projections to see the corruption and legal wrangling?

It would appear that Kerry is leading in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Can Kerry take the upper midwest?

Update: 9.30pm
The ABC's 7.30 Report gave it to Bush. Kerry was wiped out by the Bush juggernaut. It was no contest.

Yet Kerry has taken New Hampshire off Bush and has a fighting chance to take Ohio off Bush. It is a fight. Bush has 249 and Kerry has 242 electoral college voters. Kerry has clawed his way back into contention even though the Bush camp is talking of victory.

Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio and Wisconsin are still being sorted. Nevada will go to Bush (254 votes) whilst Wisconsin will go to Kerry (252 votes). Will Iowa and New Mexico be pick upped by Bush. Ohio remains the key battleground. Will the presidential election be headed toward legal wrangling?

Updated: 6am
Kerry has conceded The battle for Ohio was shortlived.

The possibility that there might be enough provisional ballots in Ohio -- ballots cast by voters not on the official registration rolls -- to win that state turned out otherwise. The estimated 150,000 provisional ballots were not enough to overcome Bush's margin of 136,000 votes in Ohio, even if he were to win the lion's share of them.

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