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Israel: peace circle « Previous | |Next »
January 23, 2005

One reason for the awry circle is this kind of politics. And this. And Auschwitz casts a very long shadow.

Clay Bennett

If Israel withdraws from the Gaza will it demolish the Palestinian homes in the territories and in a massive razing of dwellings in the Gaza Strip?

Peter Hansen, the Danish Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNRWA), who will be leaving his position in March, said:

If you wanted to go into Gaza today you wouldn’t be able to because there are tanks along all along the main road to Gaza. All along the road you will see houses that have been bulldozed. As you move down through Gaza the situation gets even worse....As you approach the southern end of Gaza--where Kann Yunis and Rafah have seen continued destruction, where the numbers of people who have been made homeless by bulldozers exceeds 25,000--we have managed to re-house 8,000 of them but we are fighting a losing battle. We can not build as fast as the destruction takes place. So, Gaza is in a very, very poor state. Everybody there hopes that this conflict can end so not only their suffering can end but the deprivation of a dignified human life after decades.

One reason for hope is this. The document in question--Document of Dignity"- is here. The key phrase is ambiguous:
6-- Commitment to the goal of dislodging the occupation, and the establishment of an independent, fully soveriegn Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem.

What does dislodging the occupation mean?

Some more questions.

Is the split in the governing Likud Party in Israel good news? Or is Sharon hanging on by a thread? What will the hard Israeli right, which is deeply opposed to disengagement, do with its political muscle? Will it try and bring the Sharon government down to make sure that the disengagement plan is a thing of the past?

Would the Bush administration go along with that? Or will Washington support Sharon? Who supports the moderate Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas?

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