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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Democracy, Iraq-style « Previous | |Next »
January 24, 2005

According to the news reports violence is building in Iraq in the run-up to Iraq's first democratic elections on Sunday. Support the Democrats against the murdering terrorists William Shawcross thunders.

Keefe, Denver Post

Okay William. No problems. It's an easy choice for a lefty to make.

What about the little matter of democracy giving rise to a Shi'ite government though? Have you considered that? Even though that government looks to be secular, with an Iranian-style theocracy rejected, some of the Shi'ites want the US out of Iraq as soon as possible. And they reckon that Syria and Iran should have a role in ensuring Iraq's security.

Not very pro-American is it? Does that make them anti-American? Okay that's a cheap shot.

Does the above Shi'ite desire mean a repeat of what happened in India 1947 or Palestine 1948-- after an imperial Britain withdrew: i.e., massive bloodshed, ethnic based conflict, political partition(Kurds, Sunni's, Shi'ites) and subsequent regional wars. Have you thought about that Mr Shawcross?

Juan Cole thinks that it is a realistic option. Would it not be better to consider this scenario rather than having a go at western critics and scoffers?

The Australian reports Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, a leading figure in the United Iraqi Alliance (the UIA is a largely Shiite party that is likely to form the next Iraqi government, saying that:

No people in the world accepts occupation and nor do we accept the continuation of American troops in Iraq ... We regard these forces to have committed many mistakes in the handling of various issues, the first and foremost being that of security, which in turn has contributed to the massacres, crimes and calamities that have taken place in Iraq against the Iraqis.

That is pretty clear is it not?

It would indicate that, though the Shi'ites back elections, and so tacitly aligns themselves with the U.S. vision for Iraq as a government with democratic legitimacy, they do not want foreign troops in the country to help them battle the insurgency.

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