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leaving Iraq « Previous | |Next »
January 18, 2005

Well now. The classic image of the smoking gun becoming a mushroom cloud has been laid to rest as a myth. The other fiction, that invading Iraq was about protecting the American people, has been buried as well.

What is revealed behind the myths and fictions for democratic citizens used to justify conquering a nation that posed no threat to the United States, is ongoing cycles of violence and killing. An election looms; but an we election conducted without candidates revealing themselves for fear of being killed cannot possibly have much legitimacy; and it certainly will not be a circuit breaker in resolving the guerrilla war. Nor is it a pivot point.

The neocons still reckon that all Iraqis want the Americans to stay around.

So have a read of this roundtable discussion put on by the New America Foundation involving two former National Security Advisors. The message? The US should withdraw from Iraq.

Brent Scowcroft, the voice of Republican realism:

With Iraq, we clearly have a tiger by the tail. And the elections are turning out to be less about a promising transformation, and it has great potential for deepening the conflict. Indeed we may be seeing an incipient civil war at the present time.

And the Democrat voice of Zbigniew Brzezinski, after suggesting that the US could get the Europeans involved after the Iraqi election, said:
If that doesn't work, then I would think that sometime in the course of this year, if there is something which vaguely approximates an Iraqi government – in all probability a Shi'ite theocracy, as a consequence of elections – then I think we should disengage because staying longer will dig us deeper and deeper in the conflict.

It is close to civil war in Iraq. First Faujah, now Mosul. It is becoming an increasingly untenable situation.

The least worst alternative may well be a calculated retreat by the US. Tell that to a wingnut.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:02 AM | | Comments (1)


The US won't leave Iraq until the oil runs out - regardless of what the situation on the ground turns into.