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Iraq: close to civil war « Previous | |Next »
August 28, 2005

Since there is little hope of the occupying United States military being able to defeat the Sunni Arab guerrilla movement, the emphasis shifts to the political process of creating a federal democracy. The hope is that the Iraqi constitution would unite the Iraqi nation, and give the imperial occupying forces the opportunity to exit. The draft constitution would make Iraq into a loose federation while the basis for laws would be strongly Islamic.

It would appear that the Sunni Arabs are deeply opposed to the federalism of the proposed Iraqi constitutionand the way the country's resources are to be shared.


The Sunni Arab tactics of blocking political progress, and the Sunni guerrilla movement's strategy of sabotaging Iraq's oil and electricity infrastructure, are proving to be very successful.

I cannot see the US, UK and Australian Governments putting up with this situation for the next five or more years. There is declining popular support for the war in the US, and the Republcian adminstration is struggling to sustain the present level of casualties flowing from the foreign occupation and a savage guerrilla war.

Is not a divided Iraq close to civil war? Is not the current situation one of the majority Shias and Kurds being against the Sunnis?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:56 PM | | Comments (0)