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limits of empire « Previous | |Next »
August 27, 2005

The more I read about what is happening, in Iraq the more that I reckon the limits of American empire have been reached. Even the cheerleaders are becoming increasingly critical.

The neo-cons dreamed big with their ideas about American imperium. The dream of a new Pax America, in which American ideals would prevail at the point of a gun, seduced the Howard Government and they signed up on the dotted line to supporting imperial might.

The limits have been reached in the Middle East and in Iraq.


Victory over the insurgency is the only meaningful exit strategy is the Howard Government's position. Yet military options or operations (eg., the assault on Fallujah) are not going to settle the nationalist insurgency, stop the terrorists or prevent the terrorism in Iraq. For all the imperial hubris about mission accomplished and the religious talk about God and Providence being on the side of the US, failure in Iraq is a real possibility.

The imperial dream, that a democratised Middle East would be a part of the American empire, has crashed on the reality of failure in Iraq. Iraq increasingly looks like Vietnam: the point where limits of empire are reached in the form of overstretch.

Not everyone everywhere wants freedom-American style.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:09 AM | | Comments (0)