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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Andrew Bolt: conservative on the rampage « Previous | |Next »
November 12, 2005

The News Ltd tabloid media in Australia are engaged in a trial by media with repect to those arrested in Sydney and Melbourne by the counter-terrorists security forces. It is what you'd expect from the Murdoch press. Then we need tor emind ourselves that the NSW police had invited television crews along for the supposedly just in time top secret raids that saved Australians from being blown up by the enemy within.

But this inflammatory column by one the conservative tabloid attack dogs did take me back:

So it wasn't a political stunt. It isn't about Iraq. And the threat of Islamist terror right here is more real than many pretend. How real? If the police are right, they have saved scores of you from being blown up -- as people in Madrid and London were blown up.

Were the police right? Those arrested were not held without charge. as the new anti-terrorism legislation is still to pass the Senate. They will undergo a trial and be able to rebut the charges before they are sentenced or set free. Bolt couldn't care less about a fair trial or the principles underlying our justice system.

Bolt's above paragraph leads to this:

Have you finally had warning enough? Do you finally see the threat is so real that it demands real solutions? At home, multiculturalism must go, and true integration promoted. Radical preachers must be kept out, or held to account. We must let in only Muslims with the skills and desire to adapt and thrive. We can afford no French-style ghettos here, including ghettos of the mind . .. Meanwhile, it will be wise if we learn that some people really are so unhinged as to hate this country and want to kill us. We have been warned enough. It's serious.

Multiculturalism must go and 'true integration' promoted . That means to hell with cultural difference, dosen't it? Become like 'us' of get out, is what it means, does it not? It's 1950s assimilation speak isn't it. For Browyn Bishop the Muslim headscarf does not form part of the school as is being worn as a sign of defiance and difference between non Muslim and Muslim students whilst the Jewish skull cap is okay because it does not signify a way of protesting against Australian culture, laws and way of life.

This is more than political kitsch. Tell me, how is a Andrew Bolt (or a Piers Ackerman) different from the French Right---ie., Jean Marie Le Pen? Aren't these conservative attack dogs the tabloid publicists for the Australian equivalent of the movement headed by Le Pen?
Update: 13 November

Miranda Devine's latest polemic attacks those who critique the One Nation conservative call for a return to assimilation as a " poisoning of young minds, the sense of historic victimhood and alienation" which " is daily fuelled by the self-loathing cultural relativists of the Western intellectual establishment."

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:07 PM | | Comments (1)


This article, by an American in Paris, argues that everything Bolt claims will solve the situation in France, is actually causing the problem.

Bishop's desire to ban headgear, which was also successful in France is mentioned as well.