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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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November 13, 2005

I used to work there in the House on the Hill, flying to and fro from Adelaide to Canberra on the shuttle service. It was interesting work, given the balance of power situation in the old Senate. It was hard work, with long hours, low pay, and high stress. A double shift, in fact.

The grind kills some and it wrecks many a relationship or marriage. The political path does not necessarily lead to happiness. Alas many Australians are very cynical about the worth of their political representatives.

Alan Moir

This is the moral view of the world that is certain of itself, isn't it. What it knows is its subjective self-certainity, or individual self-conviction. The morality is that of the beautful soul that desires its subjective conviction to be recognized by others.

Sure many polies are time servers, hacks and bad men and women often engaging in unethical conduct and personal self-advancement that is indifferent to the welfare of the population. Others, however, worked very hard for the good of their country. It was seen as a public duty as understood by the customs of the land. Often there was a big conflict between duty and sensuous inclination that is difficult to resolve.

I concur that the polies and their staffers won't work weekends in the place on the hill under the new IR legislation. Nor will their benefits and conditions be cut. But that place on the hill is only part of their job. The other base is the electoral office back home in their electorates.

What Moir doesn't acknowledge is that for some polies and staffers the work is such that one never switches off. Tis 24/7 on that job. Even reading the media is part of the job. It is not pleasure.

As was writing this weblog during my tim in the old Senate. It kept me intellectually supple, alert and on the ball. Kinda like doing the scales daily for the pianoist.

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