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The US v Iran « Previous | |Next »
December 21, 2005

The trend from early results from the Iraqi election indicate that the Shi'ite religious coalition, the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), not only held together, but also can be expected to dominate the new 275-member National Assembly for the next four years.

Freedom and democracy in the Middle East has produced a regime that will be sympathetic to Iran.

Paul Zanetti

Wasn't the neo-con aim of "exporting democracy" to create a US-friendly nation in the region; to build a working model of democracy as the neocons conceived it for the Middle East; to provide Israel with an ally in the Arab world and to isolate Iran from the Arab world.

That has not been achieved. 'Ts time for the US, the UK and Australia to acknowledge defeat and leave the country for the Iraqi's to run. It's their country.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 10:39 PM | | Comments (2)


Hi Gary,

Great and thoughtful site.

Just an update for you. I have a new website so you can link direct.

Daily Cartoons are updated weekly. If you want me to add you to my daily mail-out let me know.


Paul Zanetti

Hi Paul,
nice to hear from you. You do some nifty cartoons you know.

I think that the excellence standard of editorial cartoons in Australia is very high. They are highly appreciated in Canberra by the politicians and their advisors.

Thanks for the links---I changed your link to your new website.