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December 24, 2005

I've been without Internet access. Over the last two days I've been trying to make the switch from dial-up to broadband at the holiday shack in Victor Harbor to no avail. Internode says that the problem is at Telstra's end, but Telstra is on holiday and will not check the exchange until 5th January. Telstra were not even willing to provide broadband at Victor Harbor. So they make it difficult for the competitors.

Meanwhile I notice that the newspaper headlines are saying this:

Ron Tanberg

Note its tax cuts not tax reform; and they will be coming in next years budget. They will probably be big, even with the troubling economic news of the trade deficit blowing out and inflation on the rise.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:41 AM | | Comments (2)


I used to live a couple of miles from AOLs world headquarters. One of the most modern developments in North Virginia - and I couldnt get broadband. Eventually cable rolled out broadband but no DSL competitors.

I moved to a rickety old town further west and had competition between cable, DSL, Wireless and even the power company.

It's odd the way broadband is being rolled out isn't it.

I have to agree with you that wireless is the big deal of the future. Oh for a world in which you don't need wires and connection is everywhere.