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Iraq: it's getting worse « Previous | |Next »
October 16, 2006

I see that the Iraq war was a central issue in Question Time in federal parliament today, and it was even debated as a censure motion initiated by the ALP--that John Howard sent troops to war "on a lie". The Opposition has a whiff of vulnerability and is finally showing some political courage on Iraq as it redraws some lines of difference with the pro-intervention crowd and the war party. Not before time is it? The ALP has been missing in action since Mark Latham's pledge to have the troops home by Christmas pledge in 2004.

Steve Bell

We can question the war party's gloss over the sectarian violence in Iraq by asking: as a result of the invasion, have things got better or worse in Iraq? And if they have got worse, have they got a little bit worse or a lot worse?

Remember the Lancet Report in 2004? That said as many as 100,000 Iraqi civilians - half of them women and children - have died in Iraq since the invasion, in March, 2003 mostly as a result of airstrikes by coalition forces.

The latest Johns Hopkins University study of mortality in Iraq, published in the Lancet is grim news. It reports the 650,000 additional Iraqi casualties since the invasion--around 2.5% of the entire Iraqi population. It is US occupation and the continued US/UK/Australian presence in Iraq that is fuelling this violence. The claim that the terrorist threat was always there is disproven by these findings.

So things have got a lot worse in Iraq. The death rate in Iraq is a political issue asI raqi civilians are currently being harmed by the US/UK presences in Iraq, not helped. We should bring the troops home as "staying the course" in Iraq advances democratic government in Iraq, the war against terrorism and our national interests in the Middle East.

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