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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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October 27, 2006

In the US it is appearing more and more likely that the Democrats will take the House of Representatives after Nov 7th. The tide is flowing against them on Iraq, congressional scandals, budget deficits, Hurricane Katrina, Terri Schiavo, stem-cell research and immigration.

Peter Brookes

The Cook Political Report says that in 'the House, Republicans are most likely to see a net loss of 20 to 35 seats, and with it their majority. In the Senate, the GOP could lose at least four, but a five- or six-seat loss is more likely. A six-seat change tips the chamber into Democratic hands.' A Democratic win in the House would put a spanner in the works of the Bush presidency, giving the opposition party control of the federal purse strings, and opening the door to all manner of investigations into the Iraq war. A takeover of the more powerful Senate, would push the Bush machine into reverse as the president would be forced onto the defensive on almost every aspect of policy in his last two years in office.

Or will the Rovian machine somehow manage to slash, snarl and bite their way to "victory" (i.e. continued GOP control of Congress) through last minute attack adverts, or engineering a swing by bringing terrorism/national security onto centre stage? The Cook Political Report says that the latter 'would take a major international or domestic crisis -- something powerful enough to shove Iraq and scandals off the front pages and out of the first 10 minutes of TV news broadcasts.'

If they gain power in Congress will the Democrats disappoint themselves yet again? Will Cheney's team be neutralized and set to one side of the policy process? Will Rumsfeld's days be numbered?

What if the Democrats fail to win control of the House or the Senate?

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