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Iraq: Out of the shadows « Previous | |Next »
July 20, 2007

An interesting interview in The Guardian. The major source of attacks on U.S. troops is still the guerrilla war waged by Sunni insurgent groups, not suicide attacks by al-Qaeda in Iraq. These insurgent groups have long stayed underground, communicating mainly through internet postings, but now, motivated by a belief that U.S. troops are going to begin withdrawal within the next year, they're starting to go public.

Marc Lynch comments on what this means:

These moves by the major insurgency factions over the last several months don't fit well within the preferred American narrative. Their actions are not motivated by the 'surge', but rather by the belief that the US will soon leave. Their hostility to the Islamic State of Iraq/al-Qaeda does not translate into support for the United States or the current Iraqi government. They vow to continue armed struggle until the US forces leave, and to stop the violence when they do. And they have clear demands for changes to the Iraqi political system on behalf of Sunni interests - demands which may be unacceptable to other Iraqis in their current form but at least offer a starting point for real political talks.

He adds that these factions have been articulating these positions very clearly and consistently for several months now. But they repeatedly seem to be marginalized or discounted because they don't fit the American narrative, in which al-Qaeda is the primary enemy and most Sunnis and insurgency groups are switching to the American side.

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Bush on local TV: "We must lead the World, We are the most powerfull nation in the World, nobody in his right mind dare to attack us on our own soil" He was wrong, right after that they blew up the towers in NY. No country in the World has ask the US to be the leader of the World. lol. The Capitapistic US is destroying it self. Suicide. They have more unsolved problems in this country then all the problems in the World. The US telling other countries how to do their housekeeping while their own house is a mess. Come on get real for heaven-sake.