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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Haneef case: anonymous leaking « Previous | |Next »
July 19, 2007

An earlier comment on public opinion with respect to Dr. Mohamed Haneef can be found here. It has got worse with the anonymous leaking of damaging and loaded material to News Ltd newspapers by, presumably, the police or Howard Government.So the Haneef's defense team retaliates. Barrister Stephen Keim, QC, indicated the defence leak was a response to "an aggressive campaign of leaking, selectively and misleadingly" by police.

However, it gets worse:


Haneef has been moved to a high-security prison where he will be held indefinitely, treated as a terrorist and subjected to special conditions including solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

Update: 20 July
It now appears that there are three serious discrepancies in the police case and, as they are all to Dr Haneef's detriment, they stack the evidence against the 27-year-old medical practitioner.

# Contrary to the documentation produced by the police and put before a Brisbane magistrate, Dr Haneef did not say that he lived with the two terror suspects in Liverpool, Britain.
# Contrary to the claims of the police, Dr Haneef did offer detailed and plausible explanations about the circumstances of his one-way ticket to India, and his planned return to Gold Coast Hospital.
# Contrary to what the magistrate was told by commonwealth prosecutor Clive Porritt, Dr Haneef's old SIM card was not found in the burning Jeep Cherokee that was used in a terror attack on Glasgow airport on June30. The SIM card was found more than 300km away in the possession of Sabeel Ahmed, brother of the Jeep's driver and the second cousin to whom Dr Haneef had handed it.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:32 AM | | Comments (11)


In my view, Stephen Keim SC acted honourable and did no more as I did in 2006 when I published book setting out the entire criminal case and the convictions against me and then file it (the book) as evidence in my appeal. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions collapsed then! They were faced to reveal the alleged “TRUCKLOADS” of evidence the barrister had claimed previously in court it had to prove my guilt. Despite the magistrate previously ordering the CDPP to file and serve the evidence, none has been forthcoming. My crimes were that I had been charged and convicted for FAILING TO VOTE in federal elections. On appeals the charges were struck out and the convictions set aside.
Yes, like Dr Haneef I appeared to be a real criminal considering their “TRUCKLOADS” of evidence, as after all this was a major crime of FAILING TO VOTE, whereas I proved in Court that constitutionally the Commonwealth of Australia has no legislative powers to compel anyone to vote!
Now, prior to the appeal being heard the CDPP claimed to have incurred more then $20,000.00 cost to litigate against me. Now, as like Dr. Haneef huge amounts of taxpayers moneys are being spend on what?
Why is it that journalist defending their sources are convicted while the Government and the Australia Federal Police when “leaking” so called sensitive material then no inquiry is in place to seek the conviction of those responsible?
As Stephen Keim SC made clear it was his concern about the rights of his grandchildren, as if we allow this nonsense to continue then indeed our grandchildren will cop this kind of conduct more and more.
I for one gained great respect for Stephen Keim SC, as he proved to stand of for the rights of his client, regardless what he was going to cop about it. He showed not to be politically bulldozed into silence and ignore his client’s rights.

G. H. Schorel-Hlavka,
yes I agree. I see that Australian Lawyers Alliance has written to federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, saying Stephen Keim should be "commended" for leaking a taped police interview with terror suspect Mohamed Haneef.

I see that news reports in the Sydney Morning Herald state that in Haneef's bail application last Saturday, Commonwealth Prosecutor Clive Porritt alleged the Gold Coast-based doctor had, on leaving the UK last July, given his SIM card to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed.He alleged Sabeel had then passed the card on to his brother Kafeel, the driver of the "fireball" jeep that crashed into the airport on June 30, and that the card was found in the wreckage.

Haneef is charged with "recklessly" providing support to a terrorist organisation and the charge sheet states he gave the SIM card to both Ahmed brothers allegedly involved in plotting the botched car bomb attacks in the UK.

However,reports from the UK today claim the SIM card may in fact have been with Sabeel Ahmed in Liverpool at the time of the botched Glasgow raid. UK authorities have not yet charged Kafeel Ahmed while Sabeel is only facing one charge of withholding information.

For me the boil burst with Faris' outburst against the feds and Keelty' idiot and intemperate response. To think after all that has happened the last couple of days Andrews then performs the impossible and multiplies the ultimate, his arrogance of last Monday, leaves an onlooker stunned.
I don't suppose anyone saw Henderson/Manne on Lateline tonight?
Following earlier comments from Shanahan and Howard himself, Henderson peddled the mantra about Haneef's presumed innocence 'til proven guilty being "safe". No answer as to why the magistrate's decison was not sufficient- Haneef instead must waste yet more time and more money in what the rednecks regard as the fulfilling task of appealing the higher courts, cheerily since it's for the government's benefit, for the pleasure of proving how wonderful the safeguards of this evil set of "laws" are employed against him are. And no guarantee courts, given the suspect terms of reference of the sorts of appeal releif on offer will be any fairer than Andrews has been.
You realise the goverment ( apart from trashing justice ) has done actually a big favour to Dr Haneef.
Rather than having to actually worry about freely enjoying his hirthoe-normal life, doing boring things like earn a reasonable living in the mild winter of Brisbane, all those bothersome daily decisons, like seeing his baby daughter or enjoying a good meal; all that bothersome freedom to further enjoy life has been obviated by a malicious slander, with the removal to a cold concrete hutch.
Within this claustrophobic hole he is free to contemplate upon the uncertainty of his future, beyond the certainty that regardless of whether he is deported or jailed for even more time on further no doubt concocted evidence, that he is not allowed to know even how long his unnecessary imposition of a stay in the pokey will last him.
Yet the Tory warlords reckon this is looking after his rights. The conditions must be so wonderful there the wonder is politicians are not beating a path from dreary slums like Kirribilli to live it up with him.
After all, along the lines of Kant, you would never impose conditions upon others that you wouldn't wear youself!

I saw the Henderson/Manne forum on Lateline last night after I got back from Hobart. Henderson was awful in his defence of what happened, in his affirmation of the rule of law and his denial of executive interference. It appears more and more that the visa cancellation was aimed at deliberately bypassing the legal process.

Henderson even denied he was rightwing!

The rule of law has been suspended in the name of exceptional circumstances.The presumption of innocence is dumped, as Haneef is dressed in an orange jump suit, appears barefoot, is shackled and hunched over himself He looks like a Guantanamo Bay detainee.

The federal police increasingly appear incompetent, if not dissembling in their case before the courts.

So the Coalition distances itself ----it's all a court matter. So they are attempting to hide behind that old chestnut about being unable to comment because matters are before courts.

However, Coalition polling has indicated the Haneef affair has been playing well with punters.

Gary, are you telling me that voters actually approve of the government's treatment of Dr.Haneef?

I saw the Morgan poll early this morning somewhere and it gave Howard a big increase --around 4% to sit on 40% or so of the primary vote. I'll hunt around for the link. Here it is.

The conservatives say that what counts is the responsibility of the police and the Government to operate in secrecy, far from the prying eyes of public exposure. What counts is the responsibilityof government and police to be the custodians of the national security and to decide which selective snippets will be released into the public arena. This is why we have to accept the trampling of individual liberties in the common fight against terrorism.

That many are so gullible?Still we have the Reichstag fire for historical precedent.

It could be 'shoring up' the conservative base to prevent the Battler's drift back to Rudd due to concerns over Work Choices.

The Sunday Age is reporting that senior government sources acknowledge that though they see that Dr. Haneef is a security risk they realize that is simply not enough evidence to convict him of anything.So they are going to deport him.

The reason is purely political.The sources said:

"Our best option is to cancel the Criminal Justice Certificate, which was issued to keep Haneef here in Australia after we cancelled his visa, and that is my understanding of what our intentions are. Cancel the certificate and get this guy out of Australia. The story ends there and he can become someone else's problem.There is no upside proceeding with this. We keep him here, then it remains an issue every day until the election. We deport him and it's over."
I guess that these 'senior government sources' are the ones who disregarded the presumption of innocence and sanction use of secret evidence.

yes the comments give the game away don't they. They indicate that we have a politically managed campaign to deal with a politically contrived crisis triggered by guilt by association to London terrorists in the run-up to a federal election.

Only this one, unlike Tampa, is now backfiring on the political manipulators. So they will turn on the police for not getting enough evidence to support the politically managed campaign.

It's a replay of the old movie 'Reds under the Beds' entitled 'at war with global terrorism'