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AWA's unfair « Previous | |Next »
October 4, 2007

If Australia@Work report from the Workplace Research Centre, University of Sydney is accurate, then the figures quoted should be a true reflection of the state of play in Australian workplaces. With more than 8300 survey participants, it is the largest study into workers and their attitudes ever undertaken.

It shows that low-skilled employees, like childcare workers, call centre workers labourers or shop assistants, are earning less on Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) than those on collective arrangements. On average those on AWAs, according to the report, are earning $100 a week less. This kind of unfairness is what we suspected. We also know that Work Choices has significantly reduced the legal protections of job security for Australian workers and boosted the power of employers to “hire and fire.”

There is now an imbalance between the competing objectives of managerial freedom and employment security.

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:46 PM | | Comments (6)



Rudd is offering to both remove the unfairness of Howard's anii-union Workchoices and to invigorate reform in education and traaining and health care where the payoff is productivity gains for th economy.

It's an attractive package in terms of electoral politics. It has caught Howard + Co flatfooted and they are trying to play catchup.

So out of the industrial, service and knowledge industries it's the service industry employees getting hit the hardest. Why would you do that? Where's the sense in it?

it helps increase the profit margins at Woolworths and Coles.

Prior to my current professional job when I stayed home with my kids for a few years, I did nightfill with Coles. All employment agreements were negotiated between Coles and the Shop Workers Union. There are no AWAs there and I thought salaries were fair for what we did. I think that your comment is a bit glib and may be more appropriate to other employers in that sector (and others). Not really disagreeing with your sentiment.

fair enough wrong example. Apologies

do you recall the way that Hockey responded to the ARC funded study? He said that it was "the same old flawed research from the same old union academics". It had been prepared by "former trade union officials who are parading as academics".

It's abuse and trashing. These are signs of desperation.