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Climate Change report « Previous | |Next »
October 4, 2007

The CSIRO's report on Australia's climate future builds on the work of the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) fourth assessment report as gave these limited detail .on Australian climate change, particularly when it comes to regional climate change projections

The projections focus on the years 2030, 2050 and 2070 for various greenhouse gas emission scenarios. One of the projections in the CSIRO's report---the worse-case scenario---is that just 60 years from now Australia could be up to five degrees hotter and 40 to 80 per cent drier.The new projections are for a range of warming narrower than determined in 2001 – for 2070, 1 to 5 ºC compared with 1 ºC to 6 ºC. The narrower range is partly due to improved consistency between models.


The Report predicts that decreases in annual average rainfall are likely in southern Australia - rainfall is likely to decrease in southern areas during winter, in southern and eastern areas during spring, and along the west coast during autumn.

The case for sustainability is pretty clear: Our lower Murray wine industry is facing collapse, Adelaide is our most water-stressed capital, and if the water crisis continues into this summer the region faces a full-blown disaster. Where will the water will come from?

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 8:18 AM | | Comments (11)


So, every year we all move 2 miles closer to the equator. Big deal. There is enough water in the ocean to last us a very long time. We just need to work out the technology of it.

I am all for projected targets and things but wonder at the accuracy of some of these pollution types.
When you are predicting outcomes to 2030,2050,2070 you really need to be factoring in the probable improved technology at that point. Other wise you really are just applying our current technology to the future.
Take 2030/2050 thats 23/43 in the future. The way things are moving now it would be safe to say that in that time range most houses will have solar wind generated or nuclear or something undiscovered for power. Crops through genetics will most likely grow twice as big with half the amount of water. Most cars will be clean technology. And of course through desalination we will be much less reliant on rain.

Another point is that we need to separate the issues of water and climate change. They are 2 Very different problems. Climate change is a world issue and needs world attention. Nothing is really going to be solved short term where as the water crisis in Australia needs to be solved now. Linking the 2 by groups pushing agendas and the media is not helpful and only helps to negate the urgency of water problem particularly in S.A.
I find it quite rude that climate change projections seem to be getting all the beat up while thousand face bankruptcy in rural Australia.!!!

thousand face bankruptcy in rural Australia due to lack of rain. The lack is drought overlaid with global warming which means less rain for southern Australia.

South Australia has always been the state with the least rain fall. It was always going to suffer first.
Where was the planning Gary!

As I keep on writing there was none. The fools in the ALP were waiting for it to rain whilst Rann stumped the nation telling everyone else to start planning for water scarcity and climate change so as to protect South Australia.

I will tell you who is to blame. Its the Greens aka The Dummy Votes R Us Party. I mean, really! The bastards have only got one thing to think about. The environment! What have they been doing? Sitting around shuffling re-cycled paper? Perhaps Bob Brown aka Bob the Happy Idiot has been swanning about the joint focusing on global issues. Oh sorry I forgot about Tasmania....What a Marrrvelous job he has been doing down there!
It is quite clear that nobody takes this Pratt seriously anymore! Perhaps he can start a new party? Maybe "The Monkey That Plays With Its Dick At The Zoo Party".
Get rid of him! He's a Twat!

Historically, the water problem in the Murray-Darling Basin has to do with the overallocation of water for irirgators by state governments. The chickens have come home to roost.

I cannot see that Bob Brown has much to do with it.

Yes exactly Nan

The leader of the Greens should be out rattling cages, kicking down doors and should reflect more the youth viewpoint. Bob Brown is beginning to look like a sad tranny with wig and smudged lipstick sitting at a piano listening to old show tunes.
Now that Garrett has gone over to the Darkside we need a new Luke Skywalker to swing down and swoop up the damsel, take her to safety and then return to do battle with the evil forces.
Bobs swinging days are over.

"Where will the water come from?"
Not from the Clarence River or its tributaries - even though some in the Murray Darling Basin are still pushing for this interbasin water transfer.
The hard truth is that, in the short-term, there is no water to come from anywhere.
Of course Coalition MPs are so full of p**s in an election year - they can always stand in a line with their flies open or panties down and water a paddock or two.

yes that's the truth ---at the moment there is not much water anywhere in the Murray-Darling Basin.