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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

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February 21, 2008

There are some odd goings on in the upcoming Gold Coast City Council election, although it would be really, really unusual if there weren't.

Back in May 2006 a Crime and Misconduct Commission inquiry found that group of councillors who won seats in the 2004 election misled voters when they ran as independents. They'd met at a resort in 2003 to form a pro-business bloc within council and of course developers flocked to fund their campaigns. Very naughty. Pro-business actually means pro-development around here, where development is of the mindless frontier variety.

This year we have two blocs officially running as such. Rob Molhoek heads up a group of independents calling themselves UniteGC with the slogan 'Locals to lead our city'. Whatever else they have in common is anyone's guess, but a lot of people are under the impression it's religion.

The other bloc is running as a Liberal team led by Tom Tate, mayoral candidate and owner of the resort which hosted the naughty 2003 meeting. Tate says he was there but didn't go along with the plan. It would be his Brian Burke if anyone cared. A genuine independent who doorknocked my house a couple of weeks ago said I'd be shocked at the number of people who think John Howard is still running the country. At that rate Tate's got nothing to worry about.

A letter to the editor in the local paper worries that the Tate team "don't even live here" and are "asking people to vote for the Liberal ticket so that they can rebuild the Liberal Party in Queensland". Not a bad way to go about it. The conservative Gold Coast should be easy pickings.

Another one argues that they'd be more concerned with party unity and state level politics than the needs of their own divisions, and that being up against Federal and State Labor is not in the Gold Coast's best interests. But then, neither is the current arrangement where an assortment of sworn enemies spend most of their time scheming to uncover one another's corruption.

Meanwhile, the current Mayor Ron Clarke has unsuccessfully been trying to get the State Water Commissioner to lift water restrictions here before the overflowing dam washes the whole place away. But assuming the rain lets up and we all survive, it would be an easy and cheap, if long term, way for the Liberal Party to knock itself back into shape. One suburb at a time.

| Posted by Lyn at 8:35 AM |