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"...public opinion deserves to be respected as well as despised" G.W.F. Hegel, 'Philosophy of Right'

Can she? « Previous | |Next »
April 21, 2008

Can Clinton overturn Barack Obama’s lead in the contest for the Democratic nomination? It doesn't look possible. The odds are stacked against her.

Bromley.jpg Bromley, Financial Times

Clinton's best possible scenario is a big win. Victory in the race for elected delegates is out of reach. She has to sway uncommitted superdelegates by winning the aggregate Democratic popular Democratic popular vote, or by sowing serious doubts about Mr Obama’s electability in November.

Is that possible?

The Democrats are being asked to make a difficult choice

| Posted by Gary Sauer-Thompson at 7:55 PM | | Comments (9)


There is a similar theme to Bromley's in SuperNews animation,"Blue Collar Hillary". There's a link on my blog.

Don't give her much hope, to coin a phrase.

Gary, I find this clear thinking assessment(s)
of USA politics, and what each of the candidates represent, quite compelling.

If Obama wins most of the votes before the Super Delegates cast theirs, and then the Super Delegates decide to cast their votes for Hilary, won't that look like the usual Elites have walked over what the public want?

This time, blatantly so!!

It looks as though Clinton's won, but not by as much as predicted or as much as she needed to either convince the supers or keep the funds coming in.

Amazing how quickly Obama closed what was an enormous gap just a month ago.

The supers will be thinking of the popular vote against McCain. They'd be stupid as well as undemocratic if Obama wins the majority popular vote.

My choice for 1st chick president was Oprah, but Hitlary would be fine by me. Let the bitchslapping begin! We ain't seen Thatcherism like Hitlaryism!

With 95 per cent of precincts reporting, Clinton was leading with 55 per cent of the vote to 45 for Obama. That double-digit margin could give her credibility. It appears that Clinton and Obama are now believed to hold equal numbers of support from those delegates that have declared their vote. So Clinton's only chance depends on convincing the super delegates to vote for her in large numbers because she is the more viable candidate in those swing states. Little has changed.

Does Clinton have a forward looking narrative? It was 90s nostalgia in the rustbelt state of Pennsylvania

More like no she can't! Give it up already Hillary! Stop wasting your time! she won't get anywhere with the super-delegates! get in tune with Obama and check out