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NSW: opposing reform on climate change « Previous | |Next »
April 4, 2008

It increasingly looks as if the NSW Lemma Government is increasingly at odds with the reform thrust of the Rudd Government. It has been captured by property developers, appears to be corrupt, and it just doing what is needed to stay in power.

Ieema.jpg Alan Moir

t dragging its heels on water reform, opposes performance targets for its public hospitals and is now talking about climate change in terms of the approach of the true believers within the Rudd Government mugging the economy and scaring away foreign investors.

The latter is argued by NSW Treasurer Michael Costa, a climate change sceptic, who articulates the views of the NSW Labor Right. He argues that the burden imposed on the coal-fired power electricity sector and big power users through addressing climate change with emissions trading is too great and would result in a capital flight by overseas investors.

Costa is trying to protect the value of NSW's state owned generators that are to be privatised in the next 18 months and is doing so by pushing the commonwealth to compensate NSW generators with free permits.

The problem with Costa's proposal for carbon freebies--free emission permits as a form of compensation for his energy friends --- is that there would be nothing to curb the demand for fossil fuel-fired electricity under the proposed emissions trading scheme. So we have naked self-interest masquerading as public policy.

Why not use the money raised by the auction of future emission permits be redistributed to households and regions and communities adversely affected by the policy?

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On other fronts the Iemma gov't is setting the pace. Mr Iemma is now announcing a new rail line every week which is more than the other states. Last week he announced the Balmain - Brookvale rail line and next week it will be the Harris Park - Hurstville rail line. Mind you, he hasn't promised to build them.

Promises promises.

He'll have plenty of time to ride the train soon.

In other news,
Looks like labor in N.Z will be going toot toot too,_2008

Costa has always struck me as a totally cynical thug. He doesn't even have the saving graces of charm or good humour. The only good thing to say about him is that he is not Joe Tripodi.

I don't know how good governance will ever be restored to NSW. Maybe the feds should be able to sack incompetent state governments and appoint an administrator for a few years, like they do (not nearly often enough) with local councils. The administrator could get public services back to a minimally acceptable standard before handing over to another bunch of crooks and buffoons.

Rumpole QC
Costa has his Treasury behind him so far as the costings---eg., Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's 60 per cent greenhouse target would cost the economy $280 billion by 2030. In unveiling new modelling by NSW Treasury officials, Costa warned that the Rudd/Wong approach of a new emissions trading system requiring permits, there should be no compensation paid to the $40 billion coal-fired power industry combined with a target of reducing greenhouse emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, would cause a reduction in gross domestic product of 4 per cent by 2030.

I'm not sure that the Rudd Government is committed to 80%--that's Garnaut's target. Rudd and Wong are still talking in terms of 60% by 2050.

Rudd will always adopt the diplomatic approach and go somewhere just off center towards popularity with all things.

I have been looking at the polls at and I think that the Coalition would be happy and perhaps happier Monday week when they reflect a few event like saluting and Afghanistan.

there are a number of climate change sceptics in the Rudd Labor government. I can think of Martin Ferguson,the Resources Minister who thinks of resources as coal, Joel Fitzgibbon and Craig Emerson. The latter are protecting their electorate( Hunter Valley for Fitzgibbon) and state (open cut coal mines in Queensland for Emerson).

Costa, as far as I understand, is also from the Hunter Valley.

This crowd of sceptics and doubters re climate change would like to reduce the debate to the old Labor Right duality of environment versus jobs.

Rumpole QC
The developer-funded New South Wales Labor Government is about to deliver the final chapters in the developer-inspired rewrite of the NSW planning system.

The legislation tabled in the NSW Parliament is very close to the original Property Council’s proposals.